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Let’s recap where we left off yesterday.  We were working with this diagram: We wanted to solve for Mary’s time, t. In every row the relationship among rate, time, and distance is the same: RT=D. In this diagram the bottom row looks the most promising, since it alone contains only the variable for which we’re […]

In my last couple of posts (Using Diagrams to Solve GMAT Rate Problems Part 1 and Part 2) I used a Rate-Time-Distance table, (or RTD table) to solve the most common sort of rate problem: a combined-rate problem in which two travelers move in opposite directions simultaneously.  (If you haven’t read those posts and aren’t […]

First, a few practice problems.  Remember: no calculator! 1) If $5,000,000 is the initial amount placed in an account that collects 7% annual interest, which of the following compounding rates would produce the largest total amount after two years? (A) compounding annually (B) compounding quarterly (C) compounding monthly (D) compounding daily (E) All four of […]

Attention, mad scientists out there!  Consider these two practice questions.   1) A scientist has 400 units of a 6% phosphoric acid solution, and an unlimited supply of 12% phosphoric acid solution.  How many units of the latter must she add to the former to produce a 10% phosphoric acid solution? (A) 200 (B) 400 […]

Understand this common type of special counting on the GMAT!  Question #1: On Monday, there were 29 bananas in the cafeteria.  No new bananas were brought in after Monday.  Two days later, on Wednesday, there were 14 bananas left.  How many were eaten in that time? Question #2: In January of last year, MicroCorp start-up […]

Learn this powerful method for unlocking devilishly complicated problems about sets.    Practice questions First, try these challenging 700-level practice questions. 1) At Veridux Corporation, there are 250 employees. Of these, 90 are female, and the rest are males.  There are a total of 40 managers, and the rest of the employees are associates.  If […]

Understand how to handle these tricky upper level Quant problems!  Definitions A sequence is a list of numbers that follow some mathematical patterns.  More formally, a sequence is a function whose inputs are limited to the positive integers.  Terms are denoted by a letter for the whole sequence, and in the subscript, the index, which […]