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AAMC FL1 Explanations [MCAT Practice Test Explanations Reddit Mega Compilation!]

Hey MCAT students, tired of searching Google or Reddit question-by-question for explanations to the AAMC full-length practice tests for the MCAT? We got you! Below, you’ll find a complete list of questions from AAMC full-length test 1 (or AAMC FL1 as it’s referred to on Reddit) and embedded links to available explanation threads from Reddit. […]

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What to do if your MCAT study plans have been disrupted due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

So, things have changed. For most people, the current coronavirus pandemic has altered how we are thinking and feeling about a lot of very important things: our families, our friends, our studies, our jobs, our financial status, our well-being, and our futures. If you were planning on taking the MCAT and applying to medical school […]

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MCAT Study Schedule: 2 Months

In an ideal world, everyone could devote 20 hours per week to studying for the MCAT. 20 hours over a period of 15 weeks or more will achieve 300 hours of study time—a target time highly recommended by experts! However, the majority of medical school applicants are juggling classes, work, families, or some combination thereof. […]

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MCAT Amino Acids: What to Know

You have probably already heard that the new MCAT has a lot more biochemistry than the old MCAT. It’s not that there was no biochemistry on the old exam but it just wasn’t a major emphasis. On the new MCAT, biochemistry is the second most tested natural science subject after biology. You might now recall […]

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2020 MCAT Test Dates – Plus 5 Tips for MCAT Registration

Unlike other pre-health admissions exams like the OAT and DAT, the MCAT is not offered throughout the entire year. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) selects about 20 MCAT test dates each year and they are all between the months of January through September. You will want to plan your MCAT studies according to […]

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Top 5 Tips for Medical School Applicants

This post is a contribution from our friends at Code Blue Essays. If you are planning to become a physician, you are likely very aware that it is a long and difficult journey. The first major hurdle is getting into medical school. Most students who apply to medical school are not accepted. Some applicants who […]

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