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Category: GMAT Sentence Correction

  • GMAT Sentence Correction with 20 Practice Questions and Answers

    GMAT Sentence Correction with 20 Practice Questions and Answers

    Every time you put something into writing in a professional setting, it should represent you at your very best—and an important part of that is correct grammar. That’s why business schools care about it, which is why the GMAT tests it. The primary vehicle for testing grammar on the GMAT is the Sentence Correction questions.…

  • GMAT SC Grammar: Phrases as Subjects

    Looking for GMAT Sentence Completion practice? Look no further! Check out this post for some GMAT SC Grammar practice questions.

  • GMAT Sentence Correction: the “Due To” Mistake

    This mistake is astonishingly common in spoken English, even among otherwise well-spoken people.  In the six Sentence Correction practice questions below, all the questions contain “due to.” Where is it used correctly and where is it wrong?   1) Elysium Field Construction planned to build the ten-story building The Suburban downtown, but due to unstable bedrock…

  • Logical Splits on GMAT Sentence Correction

    First, here are 8 GMAT Sentence Correction problems, each involving some kind of logical issue.   1) Napoleon entered Russia in June, 1812, with an army half a million strong, but leaving in December, 1812, with just less than 30,000 troops. (A) leaving in December, 1812, with just less (B) just left in December, 1812,…

  • Past Perfect on GMAT Sentence Correction

    When we speak of one past event that happened before another past event, one way to denote the earlier event is by use of the past perfect tense.  When should we use the past perfect, and when is it not required?  This is a tricky issue.   First, four practice Sentence Correction questions.   1) James…

  • 4 Challenging Comparison Questions on the GMAT

    First of all, here are four challenging SC questions involving comparisons. What could be better than SC questions about comparisons? (I couldn’t resist starting off a blog about comparisons with a comparison!)

  • GMAT Tuesday: Sentence Correction — Spotting Parallelism

    Sometimes the key in sentence correction is just a matter of knowing what to look for. Knowing how to spot parallelism and knowing when it will occur will help you to narrow in on what might be wrong in the sentence. This week’s video will cover the basics of parallelism: what it is, where and…

  • with + [noun] + [participle] on GMAT Sentence Correction

    Here are five practice SC problems, exploring this particular grammatical structure. Full explanations will appear at the end of the article.

  • GMAT Sentence Correction: Do You Got What It Takes? – Explanation

    Welcome back! Before we get started, take a moment to review Monday’s Sentence Correction question. Question In the middle of the 19th century, mathematician turned computer scientist Ada Lovelace aided Charles Babbage by developing the first computer algorithm, a breakthrough that ushered in the computer age, leading to machines capable of executing functions far more…

  • GMAT Sentence Correction: Do You Got What It Takes?

    Below is a question that is both good news and bad news if you see one like it test day. First off, you are doing very well to see such a difficult question, because of the computer-adapted nature of the test. The bad news: you might burn up a lot of time and not even…