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Sometimes, it seems like there are more GMAT books than GMAT test-takers. How do you pick the right one(s)? On this page, Magoosh guides you through everything you need to know about the best prep books so that you can find the best ones for you.

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Most Popular GMAT Books

There is no reason for a GMAT student to ever use Barron’s. That it is very stark and unequivocal piece of advice. But Barron’s does such a poor job of attempting to impart GMAT wisdom that I feel I must warn the masses by being as plain as I can: avoid this book. That Barron’s […]

Most Recent GMAT Books

This blog concerns not the GMAT Official Guide itself, but two supplementary volumes.  The recent second edition books were 1) The GMAT OG Verbal Review 2) The GMAT OG Quantitative Review This year, with the publication of the OG2015, GMAC released even newer editions: 3) The GMAT OG Verbal Review 2015 4) The GMAT OG […]

Hello! 🙂 We all love free stuff–I know I do! But when it comes to GMAT prep, it isn’t wise to study with any free resource you stumble across on the web. You’ll need to be discerning about the quality of practice questions you’re using to make sure they can prepare you for the actual […]

The GMAC offers a range of resources for those preparing for the GMAT. The Official Guide to the GMAT and GMAT Prep are invaluable to students, and we strongly encourage our students to purchase and download these resources for their preparation. Another resource available to students is the GMAT Focus® Online Quantitative Diagnostic Tool, which […]