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GMAT idioms are a stumbling block for many GMAT test-takers. However, by using Magoosh's resources, you can create the only idiom list you'll need to ensure that they don't get the best of you!

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UPDATE: You can find this blog and others about idioms in our new GMAT Idiom eBook! What is the proper way to use the word “consider”?  Considering that this very word may appear on the GMAT Sentence Correction, you should be prepared for its related idioms! Idiom #1: consider + noun + noun 1) Many […]

Most Recent GMAT Idioms

Idioms are an important topic on GMAT Sentence Corrections.  With some idioms, a particular verb may demand a single preposition — for example, “able to do X” is correct, and “able for doing X” is incorrect.  See our idiom ebook for more examples.   That’s a great deal to know right there.  To make matters worse, […]