GMAT Question of the Day: Practice Daily for a Higher Score

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When it comes to GMAT prep, well-paced work is key to getting you to your goals. It’s better to study for 30 minutes every day for a month than to cram for 15 hours a couple of days before the exam! Enter Magoosh’s GMAT question of the day! With commonly-tested concepts from both Verbal and Quant sections, this post has daily practice you can use to up your score.

GMAT Question of the Day

This GMAT question of the day will update every day of the month. It rotates between Verbal and Quant, covering a variety of commonly-tested concepts, all between 600-level and 800-level questions.

Bookmark it, set a daily reminder for yourself, and go!


Quant: Problem Solving

Every day at noon, a bus leaves for Townville and travels at a speed of x kilometers per hour. Today, the bus left 30 minutes late. If the driver drives 7/6 times as fast as usual, she will arrive in Townville at the regular time. If the distance to Townville is 280 kilometers, what is the value of x?


Studying with a Question of the Day

When you’re prepping for the GMAT, it can be tempting to do a handful of mega-long study sessions—but the truth is, regular, steady prep is key to boosting your score. To improve your test-taking skills and test your knowledge, you can try a free full-length GMAT practice test, or bookmark this page and come back tomorrow for a new GMAT Question of the Day!

And if you’re just getting started with GMAT prep, we recommend taking our free GMAT Diagnostic Test to see where you’re at in terms of skills and knowledge! Best of luck with your GMAT studying and preparation! 🙂

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