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Students who are new to the test are often intimidated by data sufficiency GMAT questions. By reading Magoosh's expert GMAT data sufficiency tips, you'll make sure that you've mastered them before the official exam.

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My most recent blog posts have concerned tricky Data Sufficiency questions about systems of equations. Specifically, they’ve been about what can go wrong when you misremember a rule and assume that it’s possible to solve for two variables if and only if you’re given two equations, and generally that it’s possible to solve for n […]

The GMAT Quantitative section excels at creating problems that frustrate folks who try to get through math by memorizing formulas.   It excels at creating out-of-the-box problems that really demand folks use logic and number sense to dissect the problem.   Here are four out-of-the-box Data Sufficiency problems to consider. 1) Peter went to the store to […]