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April: Dreams of better test prep

While studying for the GMAT, Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy work on an idea called Magoosh: test prep with crowd-sourced questions and answers.

September: 2 + 2 + business school = 4 founders

Bhavin and Hansoo meet Pejman at the Haas School of Business. Together with Vikram, they flesh out this new test prep idea.


February: Change in plans

Feedback from potential customers steers them in a new direction, from people-powered prep to expert-powered prep.

May 18: It gets real

Magoosh becomes Magoosh, Inc. and is officially a real company.

June: GMAT product release

GMAT math practice questions with video explanations hit the web. Verbal questions and lesson videos are in the works.

August: Our first paying customer!

A business school hopeful is the first student to put his trust in Magoosh GMAT.

October: A shift in leadership

Vikram leaves Magoosh for new opportunities. Magoosh adds verbal content!


May: Happy grads and an intern

Bhavin, Pejman, and Hansoo graduate from Haas. Pejman leaves Magoosh but stays on the Board. Zach Millman interns at Magoosh to rebuild and improve the product.


March: Magoosh takes on the GRE

After raising $500K in funding, the team releases its first GRE product.

May: Expansion

Chris Lele and Zach come on as our first full-time employees. The team moves into an office space they share with EasyESI (now Everlaw).

December: Tough times

Hansoo is diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer and steps away from daily operations.


March: Funding V2

Magoosh struggles and Bhavin begins to raise $250K in additional funding.

May: Sales > Expenses

The company hurdles the positive cash-flow barrier, with record sales each month and a strong team of 8 in-office! Sales grow 30% month over month.


March 4: Difficult loss

Hansoo loses his battle with cancer and passes away at 35. Bhavin, Pejman, and Hansoo’s fiancée start the Hansoo Lee Fellowship to support aspiring entrepreneurs at Haas.

March 18: Moving forward

Still growing, Magoosh and Everlaw move to a more expansive office in downtown Berkeley.


TOEFL success

We make our first TOEFL sale and meet our first TOEFL student!

Vocabulary Builder launch

We release an app to help SAT and GRE students broaden their vocabularies (and have fun doing it!)


January: The Happiest Company in Education

Now with 23 in-office and 3 remote employees, Magoosh receives the Happiest Company in Education award from TINYpulse.