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GMAT reading comprehension may seem overwhelming if it's been a long time since you took a standardized test (or had an English class!). Magoosh has everything you need to master this section, including GMAT reading comprehension practice, strategies, and tips.

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Learn tips for simplifying your approach to GMAT Reading Comprehension   Introduction Of course, on any GMAT question, eliminating wrong answers is always to our advantage.  There are myriad methods of eliminating answers in the Quant section: because of the constraints specified in the question, the answer must be negative, or greater than 7, or […]

Learn what to read now to best prepare yourself for GMAT Reading Comprehension Not surprisingly, one of the very best ways to prepare for GMAT Reading Comprehension is simply to read, preferably from a high-quality reading list of GMAT-style material.  If you have only a few weeks between now and the GMAT, you probably should […]

Listen up – prepping for the GMAT doesn’t totally have to suck. You don’t need to memorize hundreds of grammatical rules only to remember a tenth of them when you are struggling through a 60-word Sentence Correction on the Spanish Inquisition. Prepping for the GMAT means taking that part of the brain I call your […]

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Undeniably, the best way to expand vocabulary and knowledge is by reading. We can’t rely on the conversations we have and we can’t rely on vocabulary word lists. So if you are looking to boost your verbal score, don’t just use practice problems. Expand your practice and studying to high quality news articles from trusted […]

Understand the power of this underappreciated approach to RC! Cognitive vs. Affective Most discussions of preparing for the GMAT focus overwhelmingly on cognitive skills: learning, understanding, remembering, thinking strategically, deducing, etc.  Most GMAT strategies and skills are cognitive in nature.  While affective considerations are clearly less important, they merit some attention.  Human beings are profoundly […]