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  • GMAT Reading Comprehension: Strategies for the 6 Question Types

    Virtually all GMAT Reading Comprehension questions fall into 6 categories. To learn strategies for each question type, read this post!

  • GMAT Official Guide Reading Comprehension #103

    We are now taking on the final question in this set—a detail question. Even though the answer to these questions are stated in the passage, they can sometimes be troublesome and tricky. I guarantee you won’t feel tricked at the end of this video. If you’d like to see how we evaluated the passage, head…

  • GMAT Tuesday: GMAT OG Reading Comprehension #100

    Happy Tuesday! 😀 This week we tackle an inference question from the Official Guide for GMAT. We already looked at the first question associated with this passage, which you can watch here. And here’s this week’s board!    

  • GMAT Tuesdays: Official Guide – Reading Comprehension #58

    We continue our series, working through the GMAT Official Guide Reading Comprehension questions. In this video, we tackle an Inference question. 😀    

  • Official Guide to the GMAT – Reading Comprehension #57

    The next video in the series, we take on an inference question in the Official Guide to the GMAT. This is the second video in the series, breaking down how to approach reading comprehension questions associated with the passage on Winters v. United States. This week’s board:    

  • GMAT Reading Practice: What to Read

    Undeniably, the best way to expand vocabulary and knowledge is by reading. We can’t rely on the conversations we have and we can’t rely on vocabulary word lists. So if you are looking to boost your verbal score, don’t just use practice problems. Expand your practice and studying to high quality news articles from trusted…

  • GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Real World Matters – Labor and Wages

    Hello! Another Tuesday means another matter from the real world! This week, I’m giving you an overview of key terms you should know when it comes to labor and wages. That way, if the GMAT throws any of these concepts at you on test day, you’ll be well prepared to handle it. 🙂 Leave me…

  • GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Real World Matters — Supply and Demand

    Hello! We’re back to the “Real World Matters” series, where we review key concepts that could show up on your GMAT AND will help you in business school! This week, pull out your old economics textbooks or just watch this video for a supply and demand refresher :). As always, leave me a comment or…

  • Detail Questions in GMAT Reading Comprehension

    Success comes through preparation. I can see that you want to succeed. You ended up here, looking for more information about a specific type of question in the reading comprehension section of the GMAT. The Detail Question is one of the most common questions that you will see in reading comprehension, making it an important…

  • GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin – Real World Matters

    Hello! This week marks the start of a new series called “Real World Matters”. We’ll explore real life situations where you can apply your GMAT knowledge. These videos will introduce you to terminology and context that could show up on your test. That way, you’ll be ready for anything the GMAT throws at you on…