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1 Month GMAT Study Schedule

OK, suppose you are starting from Square One (like, “What is the format of the GMAT?” basic or “What is the GMAT test used for?” basic) and have just a month to get yourself in shape for the GMAT.  That’s not a whole lot of time, but here’s a GMAT schedule to make the best […]

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How to Understand Your GMAT Score Percentiles

This post has been updated to include GMAC’s most recently published GMAT score percentiles, which represent a sample of more than 700,000 students who took the GMAT from 2014-2017. How do you figure out what your GMAT percentiles are? After all, there’s a lot to take in when assessing your GMAT scores and decoding your […]

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Powerscore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible (Book Review)

An LSAT Powerhouse Tries its Hand at GMAT PowerScore built its reputation as an LSAT company with its LSAT Critical Reasoning Bible. For those who don’t know, the LSAT is the GMAT Critical Reasoning section on steroids. So when I first purchased the PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible, I had high hopes that PowerScore would […]

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Manhattan GMAT Advanced Quant (Book Review)

Gimmicks abound in test prep marketing and products, and there’s no shortage of books that will promise you a “top score” in Quant. Is Manhattan GMAT Advanced Quant one such gimmick product? For the most part, the answer to that question is “no.” This book is not gimmicky, but rather a solidly useful math resource […]

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