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  • Algebraic Equations with Fractions on the GMAT

    Algebraic Equations with Fractions on the GMAT

    Algebraic equations with fractions, more formally known as “rational expressions,” appear in some of the most challenging GMAT algebra questions in the Quant section. These are called “rational” in the sense of “having to do with a ratio”, as the word is used in the phrase “rational numbers“. Itching to get practicing? Click here to […]

  • Essential GMAT Algebra Formulas and Practice Questions

    What are the most essential topics of algebra that you need to know to succeed in GMAT math? How many formulas and equations do you have to memorize? Why must we be tortured by all this math??? The good news is that it doesn’t take a huge amount of time or energy to master the […]

  • Absolute Value Inequalities

    Absolute value inequalities is an extremely difficult question category on the GMAT. Learn how to solve them in this post!

  • GMAT Quant: Three Equations, Three Unknowns

    First, here are two challenging GMAT algebra problems, both involving three equations with three algebraic unknowns. 2a + b + 3c = 6 a – b + 5c = 12 3a + 2b + 2c = 2 1) Given the equations above, what does the product a*b*c equal? (A) 6 (B) -6 (C) 12 (D) […]

  • GMAT Math: Strange Symbols

    The Quant section sometimes features GMAT algebra problems with strange symbols. These symbols should not fluster you too much as long as you remember that they do not represent standard mathematical notation. Instead, the symbols pertain only to the problem and are defined by the GMAT (or whatever prep material you happen to be using). […]

  • GMAT Math: Algebra Equations with Radicals

    This is a potentially tricky GMAT algebra topic.  First, consider these practice questions. 1. Which value(s) of x satisfies the equation above? I. –1 II. 4 III. 9 (A) I   (B) III   (C) I & II   (D) I & III   (E) I, II, & III 2. What is the value of […]

  • GMAT Math: Can you divide by a variable?

    In this edition of GMAT Algebra, we’re going over the answer to: “Can you divide by a variable?” Keep reading to get our explanation and some examples of this concept in action. Question #1: In the equation, can you divide both sides by x? Question #2: In the equation (x – 3)(x + 5) = […]

  • Algebra on the GMAT: How to Factor

    Master this fundamental GMAT algebra skill, which you will need on test day! Practice Problems First, try these practice problems. 1) (A) (x – 4)(x + 6) (B) (x + 4)(x – 6) (C) (x – 4)(x – 6) (D) (x – 2)(x + 12) (E) (x + 2)(x – 12) 3) If , then […]

  • FOIL on the GMAT: Simplifying and Expanding

    How can you apply the FOIL concept to simplifying and expanding? To get you ready for today’s topic, try working through this GMAT algebra question first: 1) (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) If you find this problem relatively easy, probably most of this post will be for you as well. If this problem makes your […]

  • Simplifying Radical Expressions on the GMAT

    Let’s start out with a couple practice questions. While these look like geometry questions, you’ll have to put your GMAT algebra skills to work! Practice questions 2) What is the length of the diagonal of a square with area 48? The geometry of those questions is not too difficult, but the trick is how to […]