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More formally, these are called “rational expressions” in mathematics — “rational” in the sense of “having do with a ratio”, as the word is used in the phrase “rational numbers“.   These rational expression appear in some of the most challenging Quant problems on the GMAT.   Here are a few practice questions. (A) –2 (B) –1 […]

Practice questions Let’s start out with a couple practice questions. 2) What is the length of the diagonal of a square with area 48? The geometry of those questions is not too difficult, but the trick is how to handle those radicals.  If that befuddles you, this is just the post for you.   Distributing […]

You may remember this formula, one of the sleekest factoring tricks in all of algebra: This formula, called “the difference of two squares” formula, is a favorite of standardized test writers.  A simple enough pattern: see if you can detect where it shows up in the following challenging problems.   1)  = (A) (B) (C)  […]