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GMAT Tuesday: OG Reading Comprehension #2

Hello! We are back with the third in our series of 5 videos, diving into the reading comprehension section of the Official Guide to the GMAT. We are tackling another detail question, which means you’ll learn how to approach detail questions and the common wrong answers in detail questions.

Video Transcript

Hello. Welcome to the virtual reality edition of GMAT Tuesdays. I’ve got my virtual reality glasses. I’ve got my virtual reality headphones. And we’re ready to go. I couldn’t afford my own virtual reality goggles, so I made my own. Hi, we are diving into the official guide to the GMAT. We are moving on to question number two. In previous videos we looked at question number one and looked at the passage.

Passage Review

For a recap of the passage, cuz this is gonna be useful for this video. Remember that the main idea of the passage is we’re talking about two theories related to fish schooling. The structure of the first paragraph is the intro, second paragraph is theory A, third paragraph is critics of theory A plus the beginnings of theory B, the fourth paragraph is all about theory B or idea B. And then, the tone balanced-ish and the author is basically just presenting these two theories, okay.

Question #2

So if we take a look at question number two, we’re going to see that it is a detail question. Let me read the question for you real quick. The question says according to the passage, which is the key to knowing that it’s a detail question. Both theory A and theory B have been developed to explain how, and then we’ll finish that idea with the right answer.

So since this is a detailed question, we have specific steps that we want to follow. One, attack the passage which we did already. Two, we’re gonna rephrase the question, which we can do right now. Basically we’re looking at theory A and theory B and asking, what do they both explain?

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What is the same between theory A and theory B? We’ll do our research on the passage to go find out, I know that in the beginning is for the introduction of these two theories. And what they are about, that’ll be a good place to look. I’ll anticipate an answer if you go the first paragraph, you’ll see they’re talking about schooling as a way to avoid predators.

So they answer choice, the correct answer should be something about. Avoiding predators and then finally, step five, we will eliminate any wrong answers until we arrive at the right answer. Also good to note is the common wrong answers with detailed questions, inferences. So any time that there’s an inference where you have to combine or synthesize ideas in the passage in a detail question that’s gonna be a wrong answer. Cuz we’re looking for things that are just stated specifically in the passage.

Next, a distortion, where they are taking information in the passage and tweaking it a little bit or moving it around, so that it’s not completely accurate. It might be half right and half wrong.

And then the new info, answer choices. Those are answer choices where they just introduce a new idea that isn’t actually in the passage.

Answer Choices

Okay, let’s dive into the answer choices. So answer choice [A] talks about fish hiding again. We saw in the first question, there was an answer choice related to fish hiding behind each other.

This is a great example of how the GMAT will sort of build up wrong answers across questions. So if you thought in the first question that the answer was fish hiding behind each other, you might jump to this wrong answer as well. So they are almost baiting you to choose two wrong answers in a row. But this is new information, there’s no talk of fish hiding behind each other or hiding at all, really, when they school. So that’s not right.

Answer choice B talks about protection. How schooling is meant for protection. And if you look in lines 4-6 in the introductory paragraph, that’s exactly what it said. It talks about schooling and as a way to protect themselves from predators.

Answer choice C says that this differs from other behavior, it might, but you don’t know cuz it’s not talked about in the passage. So this is new information that is not supported by the passage.

Answer choice D, talks about fish making rapid decisions. This also might be true but again there’s no information in the passage to support it, so you would want to eliminate it.

And finally answer choice E, says that schooling allows fish to survive around predators. And you could make an inference based on some on some information of passage in the fourth paragraph that since some fish do live where predators are, and they still school they must able to survive around predators.

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But this is an inference you sort of strolled away from what is actually being stated in the passage. And so you know that it doesn’t work for a detail question. So the correct answer is B. All right, I hope you like this first edition of our virtual reality GMAT Tuesdays.

If you have any questions, leave comments down below. And of course, if you need anymore help head over to where there’s tons of friendly people like me ready to help you dominate test prep. All right, be excellent to the universe.

Official Guide Reading Comprehension

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