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Algebraic Equations with Fractions on the GMAT

Algebraic equations with fractions, more formally known as “rational expressions,” appear in some of the most challenging GMAT algebra questions in the Quant section. These are called “rational” in the sense of “having to do with a ratio”, as the word is used in the phrase “rational numbers“. Itching to get practicing? Click here to […]

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GMAT Geometry Practice Problems

GMAT Geometry problems test your spatial reasoning ability. Can you look at a diagram of points, lines, and/or circles and extract the essential details that lead to a correct answer? If you answered no, well, have no fear! After reading this post, learning the fundamental geometry formulas, and working through these practice geometry questions, you […]

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GMAT Circles: An Introduction

Are you prepping for GMAT geometry questions? Feeling confused or in need of a refresher on circles? Read on to get a rundown of GMAT circles terminology, concepts, and practice questions.   Table of Contents Basic Circle Terminology Chords Circle Formulas Circles and Angles + Arcs and Arclengths GMAT Circles Practice Questions   GMAT Circles: […]

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