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Category: GMAT Practice Tests

  • Free GMAT Diagnostic Quiz

    Free GMAT Diagnostic Quiz

    Take the GMAT Diagnostic Curious about where you would stack up compared to others taking the GMAT test? Take our free GMAT Diagnostic Quiz (with questions from all three sections: Quantitative, Verbal, and Data Insights) to gauge your skills on the GMAT exam: Enter your email here to start the diagnostic quiz: At the end of…

  • Free GMAT Practice Test With Answers and Explanations

    Free GMAT Practice Test With Answers and Explanations

    Magoosh is excited to offer you a free GMAT practice test (online) with video answers and explanations. The assessment will give you access to: A realistic, adaptive exam that mimics the test day experience Your baseline score estimate A detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses to help guide your GMAT study strategy High quality…

  • Magoosh GMAT Quantitative Diagnostic Test

    Welcome to the Magoosh Quantitative diagnostic tests! We recommend taking both the Verbal and Quant tests together (go back to GMAT Diagnostic Tests to take the Verbal quiz). The Quant diagnostic includes both Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving questions, and covers the most frequently tested GMAT Quant concepts. For real GMAT exam-like pacing, give yourself…

  • GMAT Question of the Day: Practice Daily for a Higher Score

    GMAT Question of the Day: Practice Daily for a Higher Score

    Looking for daily GMAT practice? Try a new GMAT question of the day, including Verbal and Quant, every day of the month for free!

  • Challenging GMAT Math Practice Questions

    Here are fifteen challenging questions for GMAT math practice with explanations. Can you keep the GMAT Quant pace, doing these in under 90 seconds each?

  • GMAT Quant Questions: Problem Solving

    You can never get enough GMAT math questions! GMAT quantitative questions are vital to a good score. Here are 32 blog posts to help you with GMAT math!

  • GMAT Sentence Correction Practice Questions

    I’ve written quite a few posts here featuring Sentence Correction questions. The following is a compilation of Sentence Correction posts, each with a couple of practice questions.  These are organized by important Sentence Correction topic.  The sample questions often appear at the head of the article, although some appear further down in the text.  The solutions…