Author: Bhavin Parikh

Bhavin Parikh
  • 1 Month GMAT Study Schedule

    1 Month GMAT Study Schedule

    Preparing for the GMAT in a month? Magoosh’s expert has a GMAT study plan, 1 month version, to help get you the score you need!

  • Data Insights Questions: Graphics Interpretation

    There are twelve practice questions in this set. You should feel free to use a calculator here because an on-screen calculator will be available during the Data Insights section. The chart above shows the technology capabilities of the 20 existing high schools in Grangerville.   Questions 1) If a Grangerville high school is chosen at…

  • Guide to GMAT Data Insights

    Guide to GMAT Data Insights

    Data Insights (DI) was introduced in 2023 when GMAC released a new version of the GMAT. Your performance on the Data Insights section will account for one third of your total GMAT score. You’ll have 45 minutes to answer 20 Data Insights questions, which will involve a ton of data analysis, critical thinking, and quantitative…

  • Data Insights Practice Problem: Multi-Source Reasoning

    The following is a Multi-Source Reasoning practice problem, which will be part of the GMAT Data Insights section. You are allowed to use a calculator on this section, because you will be given an on-screen calculator for Data Insights questions on the real GMAT Here, the three “cards” will simply appear one after the other.  On…