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GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools

Are you applying to a top MBA program? Think you need to earn a 760 to do so? Think again. If you have a strong business school application, you likely won’t need a near-perfect GMAT score for admission into a top MBA program. But how do you know if your GMAT score is up to […]

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GMAT Tuesdays: Math Strategy – Halving and Doubling

What is Tuesday without GMAT Tuesdays? That’s right! Not a Tuesday! This week Kevin covers a useful strategy for multiplying that will save you time and energy on test day. We all know that we don’t get a calculator on the test, so we have to better understand what we are doing when we multiply […]

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2016 Best Business Schools

If you’re interested in pursuing your MBA at a top business school, then you’re in luck. The lovely people at the US News and World report recently released their Best Grad and Business School rankings for 2016. “But, we’re barely three months into 2015,” you say. “How do they already have the 2016 rankings?” Well, […]

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New Magoosh TOEFL Infographic!

Whether you’re planning to take the TOEFL exam, or you just really appreciate beautiful graphics, take a moment to enjoy our new TOEFL Speaking infographic! You’ll learn all about the the Speaking section of the TOEFL exam, and discover some helpful strategies to help you improve your TOEFL Speaking score. Click the image to see […]

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GMAT Tuesdays: Must Know Idioms #9

Hello! It’s Tuesday again, and today Kevin dives into more Idioms. In this weeks video, he covers idioms involving the words suggested, consistent, chance, and reluctant. Do you know how to use these words correctly and what prepositions to pair with them? If not, you’ll know in the next few minutes. Here’s a close-up of […]

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Make Your Voice Heard: MBA Applicant Survey

2015 MBA applicants – have an opinion to share? Then take the MBA Applicant Survey before March 31. The anonymous data will be shared with admissions officers from top MBA program! Ever heard of AIGAC? Well, they are the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants, and one of their main goals is to improve the […]

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My Experience Taking the GMAT

Many will probably think my job unenviable. Each day, over the last couple of months, I’ve sat combing through the GMAT OG, analyzing questions and writing my questions—questions I hope are as similar as possible to official GMAT questions. After weeks of this, I found myself wondering just how representative of the test these “official […]

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Jumpstart Your 2016 B-School Applications Now!

Are you planning on applying to a top b-school next year? Think you’ve got plenty of time before you need to start worrying about applying? Think again! Those applications will be published before you know it, and if you want to complete them efficiently and effectively – and stand out from the highly accomplished crowd […]

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GMAT Tuesdays: How Long to Study to Increase Your Score

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today, I bring you GMAT knowledge straight from beautiful Austin Creek State Park. The question of the week: How much time should you study for the GMAT? The answer: It depends on how much you want to increase your score.   General Outline 10-20points: Approximately 1 month 50-100 points: 1-3 months […]

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GMAT Data Sufficiency: More Practice Questions

In the following problems, remember: no calculator!  Difficulty levels range from medium to hard. 2) Maggie is 15 years older than Bobby.  How old is Bobby? Statement #1: In 3 years, Maggie’s age will be 50% larger than Bobby’s age. Statement #2: Years ago, when Maggie was 25 years old, Bobby was 10 years old. […]

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MBA Interview Question: Walk Me Through Your Resume

Preparing for your MBA interview? Then don’t let the common “walk me through your resume” question catch you off guard!   Reason for asking the question: 1. This question (or some version of it) is very often the first question asked in an MBA interview, since it should be a fairly easy question to answer […]

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