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MBA Admissions: Backing Up a Strong GMAT with the Personal Touch

Say hello to our friends at TopMBA! They’re offering Magooshers free attendance to their World MBA Tour, and they’re sharing tips to improve your b-school applications. The GMAT is often seen as the ‘gatekeeper’ for top-tier business schools around the world – such is its importance to the MBA admissions process. Nine million tests have […]

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GMAT Student Post: “Keep calm and don’t give up!”

This week, lawyer Druva tells us about how he overcame his rustiness in math to do well on GMAT test day. And he echoes a sentiment many students share: Don’t give up, even though the GMAT can be demoralizing! Read on for more. About me: I’m a Lawyer, Thinker, Runner, as I describe myself on […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Sentence Correction – Tip #2

Hello! Today, after a little Shakespeare monologue, I’m sharing a very important tip you’ll need to know to tackle sentence correction problems: the difference between a clause and phrase. In the video, I mention “subordinate conjunctions” as one way to identify clauses. Here’s a list of key ones to know: only, if now, that although, […]

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GMAT Critical Reasoning and Outside Knowledge

Does any official GMAT Critical Reasoning question demand outside knowledge?  The frustrating answer to this question is: for the most part, no, but in a way, yes.  I will explain.   Self-contained It is absolutely true that if a GMAT CR question concerns, say, toxins in wood smoke, you need to know absolutely nothing about […]

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GMAT or GRE? That is the Question!

Before you get to business school, you’ll need to make a choice: should I take the GMAT or the GRE? Today, our friends at The MBA Exchange explain what factors you should consider that will help you make the best decision!   Many MBA applicants wrestle with the question of whether to take the GMAT […]

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What are the building blocks of a successful application?

“What does a great business school app look like? Where do I even start?!?!?!”   As I mentioned in my application journey last year, I applied to one top school and was waitlisted. Since then, I have gotten feedback on my application, and now understand how I could have been better. I hope that my […]

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Find Out if an MBA Concentration is Right for You

Is there any benefit to choosing a concentration in business school? Is it just the same as choosing an undergraduate major? Today, our friends at Stacy Blackman answer these and other questions you’ve probably asked about MBA concentrations!   The MBA degree is general by nature, as its purpose is to train students for careers […]

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Rates and Ratios

Rates are just ratios.  Here are a four problems exploring rates.  Remember: no calculator! 1) Someone on a skateboard is traveling 12 miles per hour.  How many feet does she travel in 10 seconds?  (1 mile = 5280 feet) 60 88 120 176 264 2) At 12:00 noon, a machine, operating at a fixed rate, […]

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What’s the trick to a 700 on the GMAT

If you saw the title of this article, clicked through, and now hope to find a few tips and tricks for breaking into a 700, you are in the right place! You have done yourself a great service, deciding to read this article. By the time you finish this article, you’ll be in a better […]

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GMAT Student Post: Flashcard away your math issues

This week, John S. tells us about his experience with the GMAT. Read on to find out which resource he wish he’d found earlier in his prep! About me: I’m from San Diego, where I graduated from UCSD with a Political Science degree. I manage the IT department for a non-profit research institute here in […]

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