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Most Common GMAT Topics & Questions

Of course, a facile discussion of GMAT topics might say — the most common GMAT Verbal questions are Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning — those three questions are the only questions you see on the Verbal section.  Similarly, all of the GMAT Quant questions are Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency.   If you are […]

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Exam Lifehacks Infographic

Magoosh is happy to present a life hacks blog post to help you maximize your GMAT performance. These GMAT hacks work– and they can be surprisingly easy! Sometimes the simplest, smallest study tricks make the biggest difference. They can boost your confidence, improve your focus, and dissipate your exam anxiety. They can even open your eyes […]

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Why GMAT Practice Test Scores Vary

Magoosh’s students take the best GMAT practice tests they can find. Which is the best GMAT practice test? It depends. The Manhattan GMAT practice test and ones from Magoosh and GMAC come to mind. Others too. Once our students have taken several practice tests, it’s not uncommon for Magoosh to get student questions like this […]

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Computer Adaptive Testing on the GMAT

What is an adaptive test? How should you change your study strategy to prepare for the GMAT Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)? Computer adaptive testing definitely puts pressure on your testing experience and forces you to adapt your test-taking strategy in small ways. It’s especially important to understand how the GMAT calculates your score and what […]

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Tips for GMAT Integrated Reasoning

If you’re like many students, you heard about GMAT IR and quickly went to Google and searched “integrated reasoning gmat” or “what the heck is integrated reasoning?” So, I’m going to assume you now know a bit about this question type on the GMAT exam. For the next step in your IR prep, here are […]

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