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An Unconventional Way to Increase GMAT Confidence

It may sound a bit strange, but one of the most important classes I’ve taken in my life was on posture. The class was on the Alexander technique, specifically, and it’s influenced how I interact with the world around me every day since. I’m far from a master of the technique, so I’m not going […]

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Magoosh Vine!

Magoosh is now on Vine!! Follow Magoosh, like our vines, and share our office shenanigans with your friends.   Have an idea for a Magoosh vine? Leave it in the comments below!  

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Harvard Business School and Career Goals

The HBS application is a little different from the application of almost every other school. So how can you present yourself in a compelling way without falling flat on your face? Read this blog post for tips! You’ve got your GMAT score and you want to apply to Harvard Business School. (Or GRE score which […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Sentence Correction Tip #3

Hello! This week, I’m sharing another sentence correction tip involving splits: not the splits that professional gymnasts perform with elegance, but the kind you do with your GMAT answer choices! And as usual, here’s a still of this week’s board work: See you next week!  

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How to Improve Your GMAT Verbal Score

Some people, stereotypically American students, are more comfortable with verbal information and find math challenging.  Other students, especially native speakers of other languages, find the math do-able, but find the GMAT Verbal section daunting.  In both math and verbal, there are the individual facts and individual strategies to know, and then there’s the good instincts, […]

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You’re Highly Qualified. So What?

Everyone who applies to top b-schools has an impressive list of accomplishments to boast of. But somehow, not everyone with a perfect GMAT score or high GPA makes it in to such schools. Here’s Esther Choy’s take on why some great applicants are accepted and while others are rejected. Back in 2005, the University of […]

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“And thou shall ace thy MBA interview…”

Today, our friends at share tips for acing your MBA interviews! MBA interviews come in a variety of packages – blind, non-blind, traditional, team-based, case, Skype, phone, on-campus, by invitation, open…and the list goes on and on. Are you ready to take on this next challenge in the MBA admissions process? would like […]

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Student Post: “The GMAT is a test of nerves.”

This week, we hear from Sheriar about what he did to prepare for the GMAT. Thanks for the advice, Sheriar! About Me: Hello, my name is Sheriar Irani. I am a Merchant Naval Officer from Mumbai. I studied Nautical Science from Mumbai University and plan to get an MBA degree and become an entrepreneur. I […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Improve from Mistakes

Hello! Ever feel like you keep making the same mistakes and just aren’t improving? You’re not alone! Today, I’m coming to you from Stump Beach, CA, with tips for how to combat this problem by systematically learning from your mistakes. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns–leave them as a comment in the comment […]

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Help! My GMAT Practice Test Scores Decreased

In theory, the relationship between time spent studying for the GMAT and the effect on your scores should be a direct correlation: the more you learn, the higher your score. In reality, though, that’s not always the case. At least, it’s not always the case when you’re looking at only a couple of data points. […]

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