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GMAT Practice Word Problems

The GMAT Quant section loves word problems.  Here are six problems of six different genres, easy to medium difficulty.   1) Sam’s car was fined when he gave Joe and Peter a ride, so they decided to help Sam pay the fine.  Joe paid $3 more than 1/4 of the fine and Peter paid $3 […]

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Meet GMAT Expert Kevin: Q&A!

Hello! Aha! You were probably expecting a GMAT Tuesday video right here–I mean, it is Tuesday–but this week, I’m changing things up! A lot of you have asked questions about who I am as a person, and so I’m taking this opportunity to respond to those questions, video-style. If I didn’t get to answer a […]

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MBA ROI: Is an MBA Worth It?

You’ll be spending tons of money, time and energy to earn this degree, so you have to ask the question: is it all worth it? Check out this answer from UNC’s Kenan-Flager Business School, as told by an infographic! An MBA degree can open many doors for you professionally, personally and financially. An MBA can […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Idioms – Allow for vs. Allow to

Hello! This week, learn how to use the idiom “allow for” correctly AND learn how to avoid it’s common “allow to” trap! Here’s a still of the final board work: If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future videos, please share them with me! Leave them in the comments below, and I’ll get […]

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Don’t Fear Mistakes

One of the consistent things I hear from students involves mistakes. For some reason, students don’t want to make them. They avoid doing practice tests or even doing practice problems until they’ve covered all the basics or watched all the lesson videos or read all the introductory explanations. Nothing is more detrimental. Well, I suppose […]

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Get Accepted to The Wharton School!

Attention Wharton b-school applicants! Our friends at are sharing a free resource to help you get in. Are you applying to Wharton or another top MBA program and: Struggling to create an application that will make you stand out from the thousands of other highly qualified applicants, while simultaneously demonstrating your fit with the […]

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How Much Does the GMAT Matter?

There has been a lot of discussion recently on, “How much does the GMAT matter?” Is there a perfect score? After many conversations with current MBA students, alumni, admission officers, and admission consultants, here’s some information that will hopefully shed some light on how much GMAT scores matter when applying for business school.   Why […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Sentence Correction – Need to Know Idioms #4

Hello! If you can’t enough GMAT idiom practice, then this is the GMAT Tuesday for you! Learn how to use 4 more key idioms in time for test day. Here’s a still of the final board work: Feel free to leave me any questions or comments you have below! See you next week.

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GMAT Student Post: A unique flashcard study method

This week, meet Claire, a Canadian native. You’ll want to hear about the flashcard technique she used to raise her score by 20 points on test day! Way to go, Claire! About me: I’m from Toronto and I majored in Finance during my undergrad. After working in infrastructure finance consulting for 3.5 years, I switched […]

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See Jane Get into B-School with Low Stats

Worried about your chances of getting into business school? Sign up for this free webinar and learn to get admitted! See Jane. See Jane Study. See Jane sit for GMAT. See Jane sad with low score. See Jane attend webinar. See Jane jump. See Jane go to dream b-school! We want to see […]

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