Visas and Immigration

Here, Magoosh offers information about the visa and immigration processes for various English-speaking countries. This info is geared toward TOEFL test-takers, but may be useful to other readers as well!

Most Recent Visas and Immigration

In today’s guest post, our friends at StudyUSA help explain how to get your student visa. They’ll show you that it’s not as intimidating as you might think!    Similar to applying to university, applying for your student visa is not necessarily difficult, but be ready to be organized, follow lots of steps and to wait. […]

Today, we’re introducing you to FundsV–a convenient and reliable tool for satisfying this tricky school application condition! Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! Studying in a country other than your own is indeed a privilege, and understanding your host’s culture, rules, and regulations is critical to a productive and successful experience. One pesky little […]

While most of the people who take the TOEFL take it for school, the TOEFL has work-related-uses too. Kate has already mentioned that TOEFL is needed for some professional certifications. TOEFL is especially important for medical certifications in the United States. Medical professionals need to use language fluently, often in high pressure situations. Without good […]

The TOEFL is a near-universal requirement for ESL international students coming to the United States. English assessment is especially important for international students because their visa depends on their academic success. International students also usually have little experience with academic English before coming to America. IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments […]