TOEFL Writing Task 1 (Integrated)

In TOEFL Writing Task 1, you’ll read a passage, listen to a lecture, and write an essay in response. These articles provide practice tasks, advice, and information on this part of TOEFL Writing.

Note-Taking and Organizing Your Answer in TOEFL Integrated Writing

The TOEFL Integrated Writing Task can be tricky. The passage and the lecture are both fairly complex, and they contradict each other. There’s a lot of important information to be found between the reading and the lecture that challenges parts of the reading. You need to make sure you notice, record, and correctly recall the […]

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How to Revise TOEFL Writing

  Revisions to TOEFL Writing responses should be made based on priorities. You want to revise the most important aspects of the writing first, and then move on to smaller “proofreading” errors (punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc…) if you have time. What are the highest priorities (and lowest) when you revise TOEFL Writing? ETS’s rubrics for TOEFL […]

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