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These articles are designed to help you improve your English in general, both for the TOEFL, and for other situations that require English.

Most Recent English Language Skills

This post is from our partners at ABA English Hey everyone! How is your English coming along? Do you understand most accents? What about the Irish one? Ireland, like most English-speaking countries, has a variety of accents. The most common one is from the Dublin area, though there are slight variations in this area as well. […]

Check out this post originally published on the Listen & Learn blog! Learning English is incredibly difficult, which is something non-native speakers of English don’t always understand. The English language is insane, with rules that almost always have exceptions, homophones, homonyms, gerunds, and a ton of other things that make the language incredibly tricky to […]

All too often, dictionaries and translators get an unfair reputation as “cheats” or ineffective tools in English study. A lot of this is because dictionary and translator abuse produces terrible English coursework. As an ESL teacher, I’ve seen this so many times: some student will always try to use a dictionary or automated translator to […]