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  • How to Find TOEFL Scholarships in 2022

    How to Find TOEFL Scholarships in 2022

    How can you get a TOEFL scholarship? We’ll explore eligibility and each of the major types of TOEFL exam scholarship. (Note: This post is about scholarships that cover your tuition or other expenses related to study and research. For scholarships that pay for your TOEFL exam fee, see our post on TOEFL fee waivers.) Who…

  • The Top 5 Med School Application Tips

    Are you dreaming of studying abroad to become a doctor? Check out these handy tips from our friends at SchoolApply, and start charting your path to success! While there are generally no limits on which subjects international students can study abroad, medical studies are one exception. Med schools are highly regulated, and not all schools…

  • Preparing for College Life in the USA

    This post is a contribution from our friends at ABA English. Are you planning a semester abroad in the United States? College life in the USA may be very different from your country, so let us help you get you ready for this unique experience. College Lingo Universities vary in size, from a few thousand…

  • Studying in the U.S.: International Student Resource Guide

    Magoosh helps students all over the world achieve their dreams by providing access to quality test prep. When applying to colleges and graduate schools in the United States, international students are required to take some additional steps, including going through the process to obtain a student visa. So in an effort to provide some clarity…

  • Programas combinados de maestría y doctorado en Estados Unidos

    ¿Puedes elegir un programa integrado de maestría y doctorado en EE. UU. inmediatamente después del título universitario? ¡Sigue leyendo para averiguarlo!

  • Las mejores universidades de Canadá: requisitos en el TOEFL

    ¿Qué necesitas para ingresar a las mejores universidades de Canadá? ¡Mira este post! Te contamos los requisitos del TOEFL para las mejores universidades canadienses.

  • Programas Combinados de Mestrado e Doutorado nos EUA

    É possível fazer um programa combinado de mestrado e doutorado nos Estados Unidos logo após receber o diploma de graduação? Continue lendo para descobrir!

  • 5 Things You Should Know About U.S. Graduate School

    1. Learn to manage your time. You will not only have an intense workload in graduate school, filled with required reading, writing extensive papers, research, and listening to lectures, but you will also attend conferences, seminars, and events. You will not only need to become an expert in your field, but you will need to…

  • Studying in America: Does University Rank Matter?

    A lot of Magoosh students contact us for advice on how to get into a top school. Does university rank matter for international students? Find out here!

  • 5 Tips On How to Maximize Space on College Applications

    Want to maximize space on your college applications? Check out this guest post by our friends at College Connections! It’s easy to form an analogy between college applications and a giant puzzle. Everything has to fit just right for success. Fact is just about everything on college applications has a maximum word or character count.…