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Yes, there is life after TOEFL. And for most test-takers, student life is what comes after you pass the exam. Read on to learn all about applications, admissions, and the campus experience!

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Are you dreaming of studying abroad to become a doctor? Check out these handy tips from our friends at SchoolApply, and start charting your path to success! While there are generally no limits on which subjects international students can study abroad, medical studies are one exception. Med schools are highly regulated, and not all schools […]

This post is a contribution from our friends at ABA English. Are you planning a semester abroad in the United States? College life in the USA may be very different from your country, so let us help you get you ready for this unique experience. College Lingo Universities vary in size, from a few thousand […]

A lot of times people come and ask: What kind of graduate school should I go to? What course will be good for me? Those are dangerous waters that we are treading in. This means we are letting someone else decide our future for us. Let us have a run through of how to answer those […]

All hail Magooshers! Fall is upon us in the United States much in the same way the application season is upon you all. With fall starts the most hectic phase of the journey-Applications! If all goes well and if you’re on the right track, next year this time, you’ll be digging into all those pumpkin […]