English Vocabulary

This section includes free advice and tutorials to help you build your English vocabulary. These materials are designed both for TOEFL prep and for general English study.

Most Recent English Vocabulary

In an earlier post, Kate gave a helpful overview of the most common time-related prepositions in English. Her post looked not just at the meanings of these prepositions, but also at the grammar rules for them. There are quite a few other prepositions of time that are less common, but still important. In this post, […]

In my last vocabulary post, I gave you a better look at the first 8 hard words from the Magoosh TOEFL Vocabulary PDF. I explained how each word was used, and gave you a table with each different form of the word. Word forms are especially important when you learn vocabulary. Knowing every grammatical form […]

In order to do well on the TOEFL, you need to have a broad vocabulary. You will lose points if you repeat the same basic words over and over again. Therefore, knowing a variety of vocabulary words and synonyms is very important! Today, we’re going over vocabulary words that are “important” in two different ways: […]

English can often be complicated enough without have to complicate things any more, right? You know us, we love to make things complicated for absolutely no reason whatsoever and we have gone and done it again with foods. In today’s post we are going to look at foods which, depending on where you live or […]

The TOEFL Integrated Essay will ask you to compare information from a passage with information from a lecture. In many cases, the professor who gives the lecture will disagree with some of the information that’s presented in the passage. When this happens, you need to mention it in your essay. In this TOEFL Tuesday video, […]