Category: TOEFL Speaking Task 1 (Independent)

  • TOEFL Speaking Topics

    Learn about the topics you might encounter in the TOEFL Speaking section and get some examples of Speaking Task 1.

  • Prática da Tarefa Integrada de Escrita do TOEFL

    Procura mais práticas de escrita para o TOEFL? Aqui está uma tarefa integrada, elaborada por nosso especialista no teste. Exemplos de respostas estão inclusos!

  • TOEFL Tuesday: TOEFL Speaking Sample, Task 1

    Since today’s TOEFL Tuesday video is mostly a sample of an answer to a speaking question, I won’t write too much here. It’s hearing the answer that’s most important!         The question I’m answering is a typical example of the first speaking task on the TOEFL. This type of question requires you…

  • TOEFL Speaking Practice

    Improve your TOEFL speaking fluency in two minutes or less per day! Read on to find out how. 🙂 TOEFL Speaking Practice with “Lightning Questions” There’s an activity that I use in many of my English classes to help my students practice speaking fluently without thinking. I call it “lightning questions.” Here’s how it works:…