Retake the TOEFL

It happens! Sometimes you need to retake the exam. Read these articles to decide if you need to retake the TOEFL, and to get advice on preparing for a TOEFL retake.

Things to Consider Before a TOEFL Retake

If you think about it, taking the TOEFL is really a relatively quick and painless way to prove your level of English. It allows schools to outsource the vetting of international candidates, which ultimately frees up the resources for them to consider more candidates; it’s cheaper than an interview, and less time-consuming (for you and […]

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Should I Retake the TOEFL?

So you took the TOEFL, and you’re not happy with your score. What should you do now? How important is your TOEFL score, really? Is it important to retake the TOEFL and get a higher score? These are good questions, but the answers are different for individual people. Maybe you scored a 96, but you […]

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