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GMAT Scores for Top MBA Programs

Are you applying to a top MBA program? Think you need to earn a 760 to do so? Think again.

If you have a strong business school application, you likely won’t need a near-perfect GMAT score for admission into a top MBA program. But how do you know if your GMAT score is up to par with your dream school’s GMAT requirements? Have no fear; we’ve collected GMAT score data from the admissions offices of all the top business schools to bring you the most recent data in average GMAT scores by school.

Special update: We’ve collected the very most recent information for average GMAT scores by school for the top 10 business schools in the United States. See the section immediately below.

Average GMAT Scores For MBA Programs at the Top 10 Business Schools (Chart)

Note: This is the most up-to-date information on average GMAT scores by school, GMAT requirements by schools, and other important statistics. All data for Harvard GMAT scores, Stanford GMAT scores, and the rest (including school ranking), comes from U.S. News and Word Report.

Name of MBA Program/Business SchoolAverage GMAT ScoreRank
University of Pennsylvania
Stanford University
Harvard Business School7313 (tie)1,873
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
7283 (tie)831
University of Chicago (Booth)7313 (tie)1,179
Columbia Business School7366 (tie)1,297
Northwestern University
7326 (tie)1,304
University of California-Berkeley
7266 (tie)590
Yale University7249723
Duke (Fuqua)70410 (tie)875
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (Ross)72010 (tie)832

GMAT Scores Infographic

Of course, there’s a lot more out there than just the top 10. When it comes to finding your fit and researching MBA programs, the ranking numbers don’t tell the whole story.

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Scroll down to see average GMAT scores for a wide range of reputable b-schools in the USA.

Note: This information is recent, but is not quite as up-to-date as the data in the table above. Still, these stats should give you a pretty good idea of these schools’ GMAT requirements and expectations. More updates will be coming soon. In the meantime, use this table to get a general idea of where you stand with each school.

gmat scores(Click the image to open the infographic in a new page and zoom in/out!)


Important to note: officially, the GMAT scale for verbal and quantitative goes up to 60, but in practice, the scale tops out at 51. Nowadays, a verbal subscore of 46 would get you in the 99th GMAT score percentile, while a 51 quant subscore would be in the 96th.

How can I get into a Top Business School?

To accurately assess your GMAT score, you must understand the big picture of GMAT admissions, and remember that your GMAT score is just one part of your application.

First, familiarize yourself with GMAT scoring. Then, compare your score to the average GMAT scores by school of admitted students at your target programs. Keep in mind that an average score for a top business school is not the bare minimum you need to get in–approximately half of applicants get into that school with less than that average score. (In other words, not all Wharton students attained a 732 score even though that’s the average Wharton GMAT score). That means you can think about it as just that–an average score.

If your GMAT is good enough for the programs you like (say, for example, you want to go to University of Chicago and your score is a 731, just as Booth’s GMAT score is a 731), then focus your energy on strengthening other aspects of your application. And if your score doesn’t quite make the cut, then consider retaking the GMAT only so you can distinguish yourself from other applicants with a similar application profile to yours.

What is a Good GMAT Score for You?

Ultimately, you have to decide what is a good GMAT score for you. GMAT scores may be paramount to the application process, but even a 720 combined score won’t get you into the best business schools without a strong application to back it up. Your entire profile must honestly and effectively represent your successes, abilities, and potential.

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Still … a 720 can’t hurt.

If you’ve checked out an average GMAT score by school and think you need help getting there, then reach out about our Magoosh GMAT Prep! And while you’re at it, leave us a comment below with your thoughts about this infographic. 🙂

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