After taking the SAT and waiting what feels like forever for your scores (even though it’s actually more like two to three weeks!), you’re probably wondering: what’s a good SAT score range, and how does yours stack up? Generally, a good score is 1200-1400+. However, this range comes with many caveats! The ranges of “good
Good ACT scores are the key to getting into the college of your dreams! But what is a good score? For most students, scoring above average, 21 or higher, is a good score. For those applying to elite colleges, scores in the 93rd percentile (30+) or even the 98th percentile (33+) are good scores. But
Even if you’re lucky enough to be receiving financial support from your family, they probably aren’t going to foot the whole bill for college. So you’re probably wondering, What’s a good SAT score for scholarships, and how can I find them? The short answer is that you should aim for an SAT score between 1200
  After you take the ACT, you might feel like a big weight’s been lifted from your shoulders. But, as the days pass and you still don’t have your test score, the tension starts setting in again. If you’re refreshing your ACT account page and wondering, When do ACT scores come out?—don’t worry! Your ACT
Your ACT percentile ranking tells you how you did compared to everyone else on the ACT test. ACT percentiles are, in some ways, even more important than your actual ACT score. Why? Because they provide an easy way to compare your performance on the ACT to other test-takers overall, providing you with important information for
The SAT reading section is a daunting task for many students who are new to it. The passages are dense, and the questions are tricky. However, if you have a solid strategy in mind, you’ll be able to tackle it effectively. Here are my top 10 SAT reading tips to help you improve your score:
Why would you care what the average ACT score by state is? A lot of colleges and universities have admissions officers who focus on a particular region. Believe me, they’re more than familiar with what the average score looks like in your area! Also, if you’re applying to college in a particular state with a
The future is (almost) here! College Board, the group of folks who make the SAT, has finally decided to switch the format of the exam from paper and pencil to taking the test on a digital device. Wow College Board, is it 2007 already? 😆 The new digital format will make the SAT more accessible
If you find yourself in need of a rough score estimate after taking an ACT practice test, or if you simply want an estimate of how many questions you need to get right to get a certain ACT score, the following official ACT raw score conversion chart can help! Once you’ve checked out the chart,
The ACT Writing section is the only optional part of the ACT. However, optional does not mean unnecessary. A number of colleges do require it to be included with the rest of your ACT scores as part of their application process. If any of the schools you’re considering require you to take the ACT Writing