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TOEFL Grammar: What You Need to Know

“Do I need to study grammar for the TOEFL?” This is a question we’ve answered before, because students ask it a lot! And the answer is still a resounding “yes!” Even though there is no grammar section on the TOEFL—and you won’t be tested on grammar rules—you still need to study grammar.

So then why do you need to learn grammar for the TOEFL? The TOEFL tests your grammar in usage. Basically, if you have poor grammar, your Writing and Speaking responses will receive low scores. So studying grammar can help you boost your scores on the TOEFL.

The question then becomes: How can I study grammar for the TOEFL? We can help you out there, too!

Practice for your TOEFL exam with Magoosh.

TOEFL Grammar Infographic

We made this handy infographic with tips that outline how to study grammar for the TOEFL, and WHY you should spend time improving your grammar usage. View it, download it, print it out and hang it up on your wall (for hardcore students only!); however you use it, we hope you enjoy our latest graphic. 🙂


TOEFL Grammar (1)

Additional TOEFL Grammar Resources

If you want more materials to study, we’d suggest either using our Free Grammar Lessons or Colins’ Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test. Also check out our online TOEFL preparation course – it includes lots of  TOEFL-like speaking and writing questions that you can use to practice your grammar!

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