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GMAT Problem Solving Sample Questions

On the GMAT Quantitative section, the Problem Solving questions are just the familiar five-choice multiple choice math problems you have seen on every standardized test since well before puberty.  Here, you have discovered a veritable treasure chest of Problem Solving sample questions.   Below is a link to thirty-two different articles on this blog, each with at least two Problem Solving questions.  The sample GMAT Problem Solving questions are often at the top of the article, although sometimes they are further down in the text.  The total number of sample Problem Solving problems available from this page is far more than 37, the total number of math questions you will see on a full Quantitative section of the GMAT.  In each blog, the solutions & explanations to the sample questions are at the ends of the articles.  (If the topic is less than crystal clear for you, you may find the article itself enlightening.)


1. Problems with Averages


2. Distance, Rate, Time


3. Permutations & Combinations


4. Factors & Prime Factorizations (five practice PS questions at the bottom of the article)


5. Advanced Geometric Solids


6. Estimation questions


7. Difficult Dice Questions


8. Difference of Two Squares


9. Sequences (five PS practice questions scattered through article)


10. Remainders


11. Work & Work Rate


12. Circle & Line Diagrams


13. Polygons


14. Set Problems, with Double Matrix Method


15. Set Problems, with Venn Diagrams


16. Scale Factor & Percent Change


17. Standard Deviation


18. Radicals


19. Function Notation


20. Algebraic Factoring


21. Hard Factorial Problems


22. Backsolving from the answers


23. Distance in the x-y plane


24. Pythagoras!


25. Lines in the x-y plane


26. Tricks for Calculating Combinations


27. Parallel & Perpendicular Lines and Midpoints in the x-y plane


28. Probability: AND & OR Rules


29. Probability: “at least” statements


30. Probability: counting problems


31. Hard counting problems


32. Probability: geometric probability


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