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Note: The current Magoosh platform has evolved from this time. Our practice tests now have the experimental section that the real GRE does, which is not a feature mentioned below from 2012. When we make changes to the platform, you automatically get those benefits! Bonus: If you’re looking for a free practice test on this blog, check out our GRE practice test!

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I’m very excited to announce that Magoosh now has full-length GRE practice tests—and a free diagnostic GRE here! Previously, we provided instructions on how you could create your own mock tests for the GRE. Since then, our team has been hard at work making it easier for you to take a full-length practice test.

How do I access the GRE practice tests?

Improve your GRE score with Magoosh.

First, you need to be a paying member of our GRE prep product. Unfortunately, the tests only work with full Premium access which consists of Math and Verbal – they don’t work with a Math only or Verbal only plan.

Once you are logged into your Magoosh account, you’ll see a “Take a practice test” link on your Dashboard. I’ve highlighted the link in the image below:
Take a GRE practice test

After you click on the link you’ll see instructions. Note that our practice test does not include the writing section or the experimental section. The test now includes the writing sections and the experimental section. However, the writing section will not be graded. On test day, you’ll face 2 writing tasks followed by 5 additional sections: 2 math, 2 verbal, and 1 math or verbal that is ungraded. Unfortunately, the 5 sections can appear in any order and you don’t know which one is the ungraded, experimental one. On the Magoosh test, you’ll face 4 sections: 2 math and 2 verbal in any order, but all are graded.

Are these new questions?

We’ve recently added over 100 questions to the Magoosh product, however the questions in the test are the same ones that you can access through regular practice or quizzes in Magoosh. When you take a practice test, we will first give you questions that you have not yet answered. However, if you have answered many of the questions in the product you may see some repeats. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to create GRE-like questions and we want to make sure that Magoosh continues to provide you with the highest quality questions – so it’s not trivial for us to add more questions. But we are confident that we provide enough practice to help you improve your score, and that the questions you’ll see on Magoosh are some of the best GRE practice questions.

How many practice tests does Magoosh have?

This is a tricky question, because we take questions from the existing product, so the number could vary depending on how many questions you want to save for other practice. In general, we recommend taking at most 2-3 practice tests with Magoosh and using the other questions for quizzes and more targeted practice.

How accurate is the score estimate?

We’ve done our best to mimic the adaptive nature of the GRE and to provide accurate score estimates – they are based on past customers’ actual scores. However, we suggest using the score estimate as a general guideline of your performance rather than an actual score that you’ll receive on test day.

How do I review past tests?

If you would like to review a test that you have already taken, just click the “Take a practice test” link and in the bottom left of the next page you’ll see a button “See Past Results” from which you can review any of your past tests.


As of 2017, you can also review our GRE practice tests in our GRE Prep App! Available for iPhone and Android, this free app allows you to access all of your premium Magoosh resources on your phone.

GRE Prep App

P.S. Ready to improve your GRE score? Get started today.

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