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Category: GRE Vocabulary

  • How to Study GRE Vocabulary

    How to Study GRE Vocabulary

    Get our experts’ top strategies for learning GRE vocabulary, including learning methods, study tips, and different ways to make GRE vocab stick!

  • The Best and Worst GRE Word Lists (2024)

    The Best and Worst GRE Word Lists (2024)

    Wanting to increase your GRE vocabulary? Click here for all you need to know on GRE word lists, including the top 20 words on the GRE!

  • Learn GRE Vocabulary with Moira Rose [Video]

    Learn GRE Vocabulary with Moira Rose [Video]

    In our latest video, we’ll learn Moira Rose vocabulary words—the kind of obscure and lengthy vocab the GRE loves to test you on!

  • Commonly Confused Words on the GRE

    Commonly Confused Words on the GRE

    Sometimes, I think that ETS once walked around and took a survey of the most commonly confused words in the English language, and then put those words on the test. In truth, ETS actually did something very similar to that. Over the years, it gave experimental sections to figure out which words people tended to…

  • GRE Vocabulary List: Words with Multiple Meanings

    GRE Vocabulary List: Words with Multiple Meanings

    GRE vocabulary can be tricky because many words on the exam have double meanings. When the GRE tests double meanings, it’s usually the secondary definition of common words. Some words even have multiple meanings (we’re talking triple, or even quadruple meanings here). Sounds intimidating? Not to worry. I’m here to go over some of the…

  • GRE Root Words and Prefixes

    GRE Root Words and Prefixes

    Learning the meaning of root words, prefixes, and suffixes can sometimes help you deduce the definition of an unfamiliar GRE vocabulary word. However, this strategy isn’t always reliable, and it can take you down the wrong path on test day. That’s why we’ve compiled this word list with commonly confused GRE root words and prefixes…

  • GRE Vocab Wednesday – Eponyms: What’s in a Name?

    Eponymous This word was originally going to be used as part of the introduction. I realized, though, that it might need defining itself. So here it is: an eponym is a word derived from a person’s name. For instance, the capital of the United States, Washington D.C., is named after George Washington. Eponyms cover quite…

  • GRE Vocab Wednesday: A Day of Idioms

    Today’s installment of GRE Vocab Wednesday is a text-only post — but don’t worry! We’ll be back next Wednesday with another video for you. Stay tuned. 🙂 Typically speaking, an idiom is an expression peculiar to a certain language. When you translate it word-by-word you get some unintended—and often very funny—imagery. A few include the…

  • GRE Vocab Wednesday: A Multi-tongued Menagerie

    The English language grabs from other languages without compunction. Unlike the French, who apparently went through pains to come up with a French derived word for Internet, we blithely take any foreign word and, with little to no alteration, drop it into our lexicon. Open up an unabridged dictionary, and you’ll encounter the likes of…

  • GRE Vocab Wednesday: Crazy Mnemonics

    Mnemonics are memory devices that help you remember words. Essentially, you want to come up with a visual association with the word, or a creative way to remember the word based on its structure. To give you an example of the latter case, take ‘loathe’, which means to hate. If you the last four letters.…