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GRE Study Plans and Guides

Whether you’re studying for 1 week or 6 months, it definitely helps to add some structure to your GRE prep plan to keep you accountable, motivated, and ready for test day. Below is a list of our study guides that include recommended materials and checklists for each stage of your prep. Once you’ve figured out how […]

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GRE Math Review

For a full list of the topics that fall under these categories, be sure to check out the Introduction to the Quantitative Reasoning section article on the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website. Luckily, these concepts don’t get much harder than the Algebra II level math classes that most of us took in high school. ETS […]

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GRE Verbal Review

1. Reading Comprehension This section of the GRE exam tests your ability to perform the type of active reading and analysis that you’ll be required to do in graduate school. In your GRE verbal review, work on recognizing challenging vocabulary and understanding the grammatical elements at work in each text. This will help you fully […]

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About GRE’s Quantitative Comparison Question Type

The two Quantitative Sections will include Quantitative Comparison problems. Quantitative Comparison questions are integrated with the Problem Solving questions in two, 30-minute GRE math sections. To learn more about this question type, we recommend reading the descriptions and strategies outlined by the ETS (the makers of the GRE). From our perspective, they also want to […]

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GRE Problem Solving Question Types

Worried about what you need to know about problem solving on the GRE quant section? Never fear! We’ve compiled the basic GRE math question types here in one place so you can have a handy reference to return to as you study! First, we’ll go over the basic math concepts you’ll need, before taking a […]

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GRE Text Completion

Pop quiz: what’s like a sentence completion but trickier? If you answered GRE text completion, you’d be right. A GRE text completion is similar to a sentence completion, but has a few important differences. For one, there can be multiple sentences in a text completion. In fact, this GRE Verbal question type may sometimes run on […]

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GRE Argument Essay: Top 6 Strategies & Sample Essay

When you sit down at the computer on test day, the first thing you’ll face is the GRE analytical writing section (AWA). After you complete the GRE Issue essay, you’ll go on to the GRE Argument essay. Don’t be fooled—while you have a 30-minute time limit for each task, you’ll focus on entirely different strategies […]

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