How to Study for the GRE: One Month GRE Test Prep

Magoosh One Month Study Schedule - How to Study for the GRE in 1 Month

This Magoosh One Month GRE Study Schedule is designed for those of you who are wondering how to study for the GRE in a short period of time on your own. The key to studying for the GRE in a month is to commit yourself to an established plan. Download your free GRE one-month study plan by clicking below!

We’re not going to beat around the bush: one month is not a lot of time to prepare for the GRE, but it is doable if you follow this plan! Here’s how to prepare for the GRE in one month.


How to Study for the GRE in One Month

1. Take a Practice Test

Find out where you are compared to where you need to be. Taking a practice GRE exam early on can also help you diagnose problem areas, figure out score goals, and set priorities.

2. Get Your Foundations in Place

Familiarize yourself with the test, its format, its question types, and its scoring.

SectionTime per sectionScore range
Verbal Reasoning (Verbal)Two sections, each 30 minutes long, with 20 questions per section130–170
Quantitative Reasoning (Quant)Two sections, each 35 minutes long, with 20 questions per section130–170
Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)One hour, split into two 30-minute tasks0–6, in half-point increments

3. Set Up Your Schedule

With only a short amount of time to study for the GRE, planning is crucial! While we have everything you need to prep for the GRE in one month, you’re the one who needs to decide when and how this fits in with your other priorities.

4. Practice Daily

This includes work on both the GRE Quantitative section and the GRE Verbal section, GRE vocabulary study, and lessons on GRE-specific strategies.

5. Test Yourself

Complete daily practice questions on the concepts and strategies you’ve just learned.

6. Prepare for the Full Exam

This includes the AWA (writing section)! How to do it? Weekend essay writing practice and mock GRE practice tests, simulating real test conditions.

7. Mentally and Physically Prepare

Get enough sleep, perform confidence-boosting exercises, and model healthy eating the days before your official test day!

The following outline will guide you to GRE mastery over the next month. It’s a simple formula with proven success!

Before you get started, this video has some great tips for how to use this schedule.

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One Month GRE Test Prep Materials

Click here for the 1-Month GRE Study Plan Essential Materials!
  1. Magoosh GRE Prep, including Magoosh GRE lessons and Magoosh GRE practice.
  2. ETS’s Official Guide to the GRE book

    If you already own a 2nd edition of the Official Guide, don’t feel you have to buy the 3rd edition.

  3. ETS’s Free PowerPrep Tests: When you’re done, we offer video explanations here. I highly recommend using PowerPrep Online if you can, since taking the test on a computer is a good simulation of exam day conditions.
  4. A journal or notebook (yes, a physical hard copy item)
  5. Magoosh’s online GRE Flashcards. They’re free and you can use them on the web, on your iPhone/iPad or Android.
  6. Notecards (or
  7. Magoosh’s GRE Complete Guide

    This comprehensive, web-based guide to the GRE gives you the quick but very helpful overview you need to understand this test. You’ll see how the GRE is designed and scored, what skills it tests, how to find and use the best GRE prep, and how to prepare for the GRE’s different sections.

  8. A Guide to GRE Practice Test Resources

    This page includes instructions on where to find good full-length GRE practice exams, and how to take practice tests and incorporate them into your studies. This page also has links to Magoosh’s free GRE diagnostic quizzes.

Click here for the 1-Month GRE Study Plan Supplemental Materials!

A note about additional materials:

Magoosh contains all the information test takers need for wild success on the exam so they can get the school admission letters they want. Many students have achieved spectacular results using nothing but Magoosh—no GRE tutors, no extra books required. Nevertheless, we are recommending that you obtain additional materials and use them, in addition to the Magoosh materials. Here’s why: These plans were structured with far-reaching pedagogical principles in mind, and a deep consideration for how the human brain learns. Most people cannot hear or read something just once and, from that single hearing, remember it completely and understand it fully.

At Magoosh, we are very ambitious for our students; we want them to learn as thoroughly and as masterfully as possible. We recommend using these additional resources to provide additional practice, alternative explanations, and extra review. Not every student will need or want additional materials, but for those who do, the books we recommend are the best for the overall goal of doing very well on the exam and getting your target scores.

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Sample GRE Study Plan: 1 Month

This study plan is scheduled to expose you to all topics on the GRE from the start. Days 1-5 every week, you’ll do a combination of video lessons and practice problems in both areas. Day 6s vary, and include everything from more lessons to practice AWA sections (essays) to full-length practice tests!

So what does this schedule look like on a day-to-day basis? Here’s a sample from week 1 of the one-month GRE study plan!

Read official GRE material on ETS's website, complete 18 lesson videos on the Magoosh site (specified in PDF)Watch 11 lesson videos and complete 6 practice sets on Magoosh's site (specified in PDF)
Watch 15 lesson videos and complete 5 practice sets on Magoosh's site (specified in PDF)Watch 14 lesson videos, complete 6 practice sets on Magoosh's site, and take 2 quizzes (specified in PDF)Watch 14 lesson videos, complete 5 practice sets on Magoosh's site, and take 1 quiz (specified in PDF)Watch 15 lesson videos on Magoosh's site, then complete two AWA essays (specified in PDF)

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Improve your GRE score with Magoosh GRE, where you can choose between a live cohorted class with an instructor (which includes all our lessons and practice questions) or access to the self-study option by itself!

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