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How to Study GRE Vocabulary

When studying for GRE Verbal, students often ask me how best to make GRE vocabulary stick. Folks may spend a ton of time on flashcards, vocab builder apps, and word lists to only find that words are not embedded in their memory as firmly as they would like. Well, my friends, therein lies the biggest […]

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Commonly Confused Words on the GRE

Sometimes, I think that ETS once walked around and took a survey of the most commonly confused words in the English language, and then put those words on the test. In truth, ETS actually did something very similar to that. Over the years, it gave experimental sections to figure out which words people tended to […]

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GRE Vocabulary List: Words with Multiple Meanings

GRE vocabulary can be tricky because many words on the exam have double meanings. When the GRE tests double meanings, it’s usually the secondary definition of common words. Some words even have multiple meanings (we’re talking triple, or even quadruple meanings here). Sounds intimidating? Not to worry. I’m here to go over some of the […]

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GRE Root Words and Prefixes

Learning the meaning of root words, prefixes, and suffixes can sometimes help you deduce the definition of an unfamiliar GRE vocabulary word. However, this strategy isn’t always reliable, and it can take you down the wrong path on test day. That’s why we’ve compiled this word list with commonly confused GRE root words and prefixes […]

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GRE Reading Comprehension Practice: The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and More!

Over the many years that I’ve been a tutor, I’ve declaimed on numerous occasions that the act of studying only from a deck of flashcards has limited efficacy. That’s why my answer to the common question, How do I improve my reading comprehension? is simply this—read voraciously from sources that challenge you to think critically […]

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Critical Reasoning on the GRE: Practice Questions and Explanations

Of all GRE Verbal question types, GRE Critical Reasoning questions can be especially frustrating, particularly if you’re encountering them for the first time! If you’ve taken an exam like the SAT that doesn’t have this question type, the logical analysis these questions require can feel unfamiliar. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to that—working through plenty […]

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