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Student at starting point - GRE Diagnostic Quizzes by Magoosh

Need a quick diagnosis of your GRE level? Try the Magoosh GRE Diagnostic Quizzes to determine your current abilities in both Quant and Verbal. Think of each GRE diagnostic test as an early step you can take toward test day, something that can help you get off on the right foot for your GRE prep. (For a full-length practice test, check out Magoosh’s GRE Practice Test!)

Before you take these Diagnostics, it’s best that you already be familiar with GRE basic question formats. Getting familiar with these question formats before you take the GRE Diagnostic quiz will help you determine your actual current ability level–and how long you need to study for the GRE.

Take the GRE Diagnostics

You should allow yourself 17 minutes for the Quant Diagnostic and 15 minutes for the Verbal Diagnostic.

Ready to go? Here they are!

What You Need to Know about GRE Diagnostic Quizzes

As mentioned above, it’s important to become familiar with the question types before attempting a diagnostic.

In Quant, you’ll see,

  • Problem Solving questions (multiple choice)
  • Numeric Entry (you enter your own answer)
  • Quantitative Comparison (determining which quantity of two is bigger)
  • and Multiple Answer (more than one multiple-choice answer can be correct)

Verbal also has some questions that will look similar to past tests or coursework you’ve done (Reading Comprehension), but the way it tests logic, Sentence Equivalence, and Text Completions are pretty unique.

You can read more about the formats of both sections on this blog or in the ETS GRE Official Guide.

Done! What Next?

Once you have taken each Diagnostic, you will see your score on-screen, and you will also get an email with your score and recommendations for next steps. No matter what, don’t be discouraged if the Diagnostics challenge you: the GRE is supposed to be hard! And remember–no matter where you start in your GRE prep, Magoosh can help!

What does Magoosh’s GRE diagnostic tests say about your GRE score?

These diagnostics can help give you a basic measure of your GRE abilities and will give you a feel for how you might do on the test. (Related: What is a Good GRE Score?)

The diagnostics capture the most common types of multiple choice questions on the GRE. However, additional practice is essential to GRE prep. As such, I further recommend taking Magoosh’s full length free GRE test in your future studies. And check out the other free GRE practice tests recommend by Magoosh as well. These resources, along with a good GRE study regimen (see our GRE study plans for examples), can help pave your way to a successful test day experience.

And speaking of test day….

How do the GRE diagnostic tests compare to test day itself?

The practice questions come from Magoosh GRE‘s test question bank. Like the real GRE, these quizzes includes multiple choice questions, numeric entry, problem solving, and quantitative comparison. We write and release our questions after careful data analysis of real GRE materials from ETS.

With that in mind, there’s no substitute for real GRE practice from ETS. ETS’s GRE questions are the very best for seeing what the actual ETS exam will be like when your test day comes. The very best free GRE practice tests, then, are the PowerPrep GRE tests. The tests from the GRE Official Guide are also great, but I especially recommend PowerPrep. This is beause the PowerPrep software is programmed to make the exam adaptive just as it is in the test center. This is something you can’t get in any of the print GRE practice books from ETS.

Finally, Magoosh GRE’s sets of practice questions and GRE practice tests are adaptive as well!

Finally, remember to take a “big picture” approach to your GRE prep!

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to practicing for the GRE and self-diagnosing your abilities as you continue to learn and grow during GRE prep. Make sure you practice all major GRE skills: GRE Reading Comprehension, Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion, all of the the GRE Quant concepts, and so on.

Good luck! You’ve got this. 🙂

P.S. Ready to improve your GRE score? Get started today.

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6 Responses to GRE Diagnostic Quizzes

  1. Roopal July 4, 2020 at 6:24 am #

    Hi. I have scored 8 on 10 in Magoosh Verbal Diagnostic Test. I have got wrong the questions which were based on vocabulary ie synonym type. This is my first such diagnostic test. What does this score mean? Is it fine?

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert July 24, 2020 at 9:02 am #

      Hi Roopal, an 8 out of 10 on the diagnostic test is a great result! You’re off to a good start. You should receive an email with more study recommendations based on your score. It sounds like you are looking for support with sentence equivalence questions, and we have plenty of blog posts that can help!

  2. MEHEDI HASAN January 30, 2019 at 1:58 am #

    I am a new, how i prepare myself and how i improve myself at a very swift.Please give me a advice.

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert February 4, 2019 at 5:27 pm #

      Hi Mehedi!

      Thanks for reaching out to us 🙂

      First of all, I have to ask if you have considered Magoosh! Our comprehensive GRE preparation program will bring you through all of the information you need to know for the GRE. We work with a lot of non-native speakers and help them reach their GRE goals! On average, our students increase their scores by 8 points–and many increase by much more than that! Try us out for a free 7-day trial!

      If you need to prepare for the GRE in a short period of time, check out our study plans.

      We have GRE Study Plans for 1-week, 1-month, 3-months, and 6-months. 🙂 To help you think about how long you should study, I recommend checking out this blog post: How Long Should I Study for the GRE?

  3. naureen PUNJWANI July 10, 2018 at 3:06 am #

    how we get to know that how much scores we improved if we have not given gre before?

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert July 11, 2018 at 10:31 am #

      Hi Naureen,

      If you haven’t taken the test before, you can use this diagnostic test as a baseline and see how you improve over time. You can also track your progress through practice tests. As you study, you will likely see your scores improve!

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