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Author: Taryn Conyers

Taryn Conyers
  • 1-Month Study Schedule for the GMAT

    1-Month Study Schedule for the GMAT

    Preparing for the GMAT in a month? Magoosh’s expert has a GMAT study plan, 1 month version, to help get you the score you need!

  • Average GMAT Scores: Top 50 MBA Programs

    Average GMAT Scores: Top 50 MBA Programs

    Wondering what the relationship between GMAT scores and the top MBA programs in America are? We’re here to show you what the average GMAT scores are for the entire test taking pool, along with scores for the top 50 U.S. based programs. You can use this blog to help set your score goals and smartly…

  • How to Get a Top Score on the New GMAT

    Aiming for a top score on the GMAT is a goal shared by many aspiring MBA applicants. With the introduction of the updated GMAT back in November 2023, understanding how close your current score is to your ultimate goal and just how to achieve a score that places you in the highest percentiles requires a…

  • GMAT Test Dates | 2024-2025 and Beyond!

    This post was updated in 2024 for the new GMAT. If you’re preparing to take the GMAT, you have options to choose either in-person or online GMAT test dates. In this post, we’ve covered some more vital information about the GMAT test dates for 2024-2025—read on to find out more! Table of Contents GMAT Test…