TOEFL Writing Ultimate Guide | Video Post

Maybe you’re just beginning your TOEFL studies and want to access all the information you need about TOEFL Writing in one place. Or maybe you’re a veteran of the Magoosh TOEFL blog and are curious to see the TOEFL Writing ultimate guide information our TOEFL expert, Lucas, has put together for you here.

In either case, welcome! We’re excited to present you with the latest addition to the Magoosh video library: the TOEFL Writing ultimate guide!

How Should I Use the TOEFL Writing Ultimate Guide?

In this video, Lucas introduces the different kinds of tasks you’ll encounter in TOEFL Writing, before discussing:

  • In-depth looks at what the two tasks ask you to do, and how to respond to them;
  • How the test presents TOEFL content;
  • Common problems students encounter and how to address them;
  • Mistakes that TOEFL test-takers make and how to avoid them;
  • How to use the Internet-Based Test format (iBT) to your advantage;
  • Test-day tips on:
    • Timing
    • Your thesis or opinion
    • Structure
    • Paragraphing
    • Examples
    • Language use
    • …and more!

Lucas also answers some of the following common questions about TOEFL Writing:

  • Does it matter how long my essay is?
  • How does essay length relate to my TOEFL Writing score?
  • Is it better to use more complicated vocabulary?
  • How can I make the most of my preparation time?

That’s a lot of information! As Lucas takes you through the TOEFL Writing section, it’s a good idea to take notes. Bookmarking the page for later study is also a good idea. After you’ve written your next TOEFL practice essay, come back and go through Lucas’s advice to evaluate where you still need to improve.

What advice did you follow? What advice did you forget? Make sure to take note of what you forgot to do, as well as what you did right, so that you can start (and keep) using the best practices for TOEFL Writing moving forward!

How Can I Keep Improving My TOEFL Writing Score?

Now that you have all of the information you need about the structure of the TOEFL Writing section and how to approach it, keep going! You can check out the Magoosh TOEFL blog for more tips, practice, and expert advice. And for the ultimate in TOEFL Writing (and Reading, Listening, and Speaking!), take a look at the Magoosh TOEFL course!

No matter where you go from here, make sure that you not only listen to Lucas’s advice (as always, we highly recommend good note-taking!), but that you also work on incorporating this advice into your practice essays. Great practice incorporating the above advice, and correcting your practice rigorously, is the best way to raise your score. Happy practicing!

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