Student Life

Yes, there is life after TOEFL. And for most test-takers, student life is what comes after you pass the exam. Read on to learn all about applications, admissions, and the campus experience!

How to Shortlist Grad Schools

A lot of times people come and ask: What kind of graduate school should I go to? What course will be good for me? Those are dangerous waters that we are treading in. This means we are letting someone else decide our future for us. Let us have a run through of how to answer those […]

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Tips for Graduate School Applications

All hail Magooshers! Fall is upon us in the United States much in the same way the application season is upon you all. With fall starts the most hectic phase of the journey-Applications! If all goes well and if you’re on the right track, next year this time, you’ll be digging into all those pumpkin […]

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International Students at the Top 10 US Business Schools

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about international students at the top 10 US universities. In that post, I broke down the percentage of international students at each of those 10 universities. Today, we’re going to look at international students at the top 10 US business schools (rankings according to the US News […]

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Research Essay Workshop: Skipping Inaccurate Sources

This is my latest post on finding valid sources for undergraduate research essays. I’ve had a lot of experience with this over the years, as I’ve been teaching university courses and assigning essays since 2011. Sometimes it’s good to very carefully look at a source and decide how you should use it in your essay. But sometimes […]

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How to Find Valid Sources for Your Research Papers

Priyanka recently posted some advice on graduate research. If you are doing grad research now or may want to in the future, I definitely recommend Priyanka’s blog entry. But even if you’re just an undergrad, it’s important to develop good academic research skills. Writing academic essays as an undergrad is your chance to learn the […]

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MS in US: What It Is, and Why and When You Should Pursue It

Getting a master’s or a post graduate degree in the US has gained a lot of popularity lately. With people going in large numbers to pursue one, knowing what it is, when and why you should pursue it, is very critical. What is an “MS”? There’s a huge transition between a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, […]

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