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    Omanjana is the Magoosh TOEFL Student Blogger. She is a graduate student from India moving to the US in the fall to pursue her doctoral studies in Environmental Science at Rutgers. Each week, she writes posts about her experience with the TOEFL and US admissions!

Diversity in Education

I have written quite a bit about schools in the US, applications, graduate degrees and such. Today I will talk of what international students are studying in the USA and why. Being an international student myself, I was very clear about why I had chosen a higher degree here- very high standard of education and […]

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Letters of Recommendation

I have spoken at length about the various components of the application package. Quite often we tend to overlook one critical element amongst everything-letters of recommendation (LOR). Quite frankly, these can make or break your case! No matter how good a student or researcher you are, unless there are qualified individuals (who have in some […]

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Test Day Advice for TOEFL

This is the time of the year when many students, especially international, are preparing for TOEFL and are scheduled to take the test between July and October. It’s advisable to register for the test as early as possible because there’s a huge rush for registration and slots get filled up very quickly. Traveling to another […]

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Pursuing Your PhD in the USA

I have spoken about pursuing doctoral studies, popularly called PhD, in the US in the past. US universities offer excellent infrastructure and facilities, brilliant faculty and an unparalleled exposure. A PhD from the US is highly rated and the primary reason why thousands of international students choose a US doctoral education is its high career […]

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The US Admissions Timeline

After much deliberation and discussion you have decided to head to the US for your education, graduate or undergraduate. I have spoken at length about how to go about the application process but let me put all that in a timeline now. This timeline will prompt you when to take a necessary step and give […]

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