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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Praxis Score

improve praxis score

You’ve taken practice test after practice test, but you can’t seem to increase your score. You took the exam and felt good about it, but found out that you didn’t get a high enough score to pass. Now what? No matter which category you fall into, try some of these top 10 ways to improve your Praxis score.

Improve Your Pacing

Are you able to get to every question on the exam? If not, you need to improve your pace. Try to do this by skipping irrelevant information on problems. If something seems unnecessary or unconnected, don’t pay attention to it. Focus on the information that matters for the question.

Read for Fun

Another way to increase your pacing is to increase your reading speed. You can do this by reading for fun. As you read, practice identifying themes and summarizing the meaning of the passages.

Augment Your Content Knowledge

Review all the topics that are tested on the exam. When the information is fresh on your mind, you can draw upon your knowledge to help you quickly answer the questions.

Find the Best Resources to Study

There are lots of great books, practice tests, and apps that you can use. Check out your options and choose resources that will help you study the material that you’re struggling with still.

Take Practice Tests

Continue taking practice tests. These allow you to practice pacing, familiarize yourself with question formats, and identify content that you need to study more.

For any questions that you answer incorrectly, find out what went wrong. Make sure that you would be comfortable answering the question again if it were to show up on another exam.

Learn about the Exam

Research the test format and different question types. Learn as much as you can about the exam, so you feel comfortable facing it on test day.

Know When and How to Guess

Chances are that you’ll come across questions that you won’t know how to answer. What should you do then? It’s to your benefit to answer every question. You won’t lose points for guessing. Some tips to remember when guessing include:

  • Eliminate wrong answers
  • Compare similar answers
  • Disregard unfamiliar answers

Mix Up Your Study Methods

Have you been using one method to study for the exam? If that method isn’t working for you, it’s time to mix things up. Find another method that could work for you. Try teaching a friend. Make flashcards. Find a study buddy. Doing this will prevent studying burnout, too.

Join a Study Group

There are lots of great benefits to studying with others. For one thing, others can explain topics that you need help understanding. You could also break up the information and teach one another, so you don’t have as many topics to cover on your own.

Hire a Tutor

If you want one-on-one help, you could also hire a tutor. Find someone who passed the exam and has the skills and tools to help you effectively prepare for the exam.

If you’re hoping to increase your score, try some of these top 10 ways to improve your Praxis score. Think about what areas you need to work on, and use the tips that will best help you improve your score and pass the exam with flying colors.


  • Jamie Goodwin

    Jamie graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho with a degree in English Education. She spent several years teaching and tutoring students at the elementary, high school, and college level. She currently works as a contract writer and curriculum developer for online education courses. In her free time, she enjoys running and spending time with her boys!

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