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  • Praxis Core Math: The Ultimate Statistics and Probability Review

    Praxis Core Math questions involve statistics and probability in a variety of ways. This guide will serve as a comprehensive review of core math concepts related to statistics and probability that you will need for the Praxis Core Math exam. We will be discussing: Statistical Relationships Ratios of Probabality Statistical Vocabulary Praxis Core Math: Statistical […]

  • Praxis Core Math: Linear Equation Practice Questions

    Linear equations are classified as a type of algebra problem in the official Core Math Study Companion, but they behave like function questions in many ways.

  • Praxis Core Math: Algebra Practice Questions

    Algebra dominates Praxis Core Math. Even questions related to geometry, statistics and numbers/quantity may have an algebraic component.

  • Praxis Core Math: Function Practice Questions

    Praxis function questions focus on mathematical functions, expressions of the mathematical relationship between two or more variables.

  • Praxis Core Math: Geometry Practice Questions

    On the Math test in Praxis Core, you’ll be asked a handful of geometry questions. While the subset of geometry questions is not the largest category on the exam, there will still be a significant number of geometry questions on test day. You can expect geometry answers to be about 15% of your final Core […]

  • Praxis Core Math: Numbers and Quantity Practice Problems

    Virtually all of the Math questions in the Praxis Core deal with numbers and quantity in some way. However, there is a subset of problems in Praxis Core Math that focus primarily on numbers and quantity, with little or no focus on other more complex aspects of mathematics. The types of “pure number” questions fall […]

  • Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part Three

    This is the last of three part series: a) Part One dealt with fraction addition and subtraction b) Part Two dealt with fraction multiplication & division, including proportions c) This part deals with improper fractions vs. mixed numerals First, a practice question: Solutions will appear at the end of this article.   Improper fractions One […]

  • Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part Two

    In the previous post, we discussed the basics of fractions as well as fraction addition and subtraction.  As promised, in this post, we will discuss fraction multiplication and division.  Have courage, friends!  With study and practice, you can become a pro with fractions! We’ll start with a couple practice problems. Solutions will follow the article. […]

  • Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part One

    On the Praxis Core Mathematics Test, you will have to do problems with fractions.  Ah, fractions!  While mathematical folks love these little critters, I know that so many folks who are, shall we say, less-than-fond of mathematics would rather go through their whole life without ever thinking about fractions.  Some math-phobic people might even think: […]

  • Difficult Math Questions on the Praxis Core

    Here are six Praxis Math challenge problems.  If you can handle these, you are in good shape for the Praxis Core Math Test!   1) The number line shows seven points, each of them labeled with a letter of the alphabet.   Consider the quotient The coordinate of which of the following points is closest to […]