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  • The Pros and Cons of Taking a Praxis Core Prep Class

    Another option to help you prepare for the Praxis Core is a group class. If there is a class offered in your area, consider the advantages of registering for it. You may find that a Praxis Core prep class is the perfect way to help you get ready for the exam. Before you register, weigh…

  • 6 Best Elementary Teacher Education Programs

    Before becoming an elementary school teacher, you need to complete a teacher education program. Completing one of the best elementary teacher education programs available prepares teacher candidates to become the best teachers they can be. Check out these 6 programs across the country. University of Washington- Seattle One thing that sets University of Washington-Seattle apart is…

  • What You Need to Look For in a Praxis Core Study Guide

    One type of resource that is available to you while preparing for the Praxis Core is a study guide. A study guide provides a list of information that you should review before taking the exam. You can use the Praxis Core study guide to discover what material you need to know. Mathematics Some of the…

  • 5 Last Minute Studying Tips for the Praxis Core

    One of the biggest misconceptions about the Praxis Core is that one doesn’t need to study to pass. It’s important to review the material for the exams so you’re prepared. You should give yourself plenty of time to study. As the test gets closer, use these 5 last minute studying tips to help you. Stay…

  • How to Concentrate While Studying for Praxis Core

    You’re reading a Praxis Core study book and reviewing for the reading section. All of a sudden, your mind drifts to your weekend plans. What should you wear? What should you do? You grab your cell phone to text a friend. And just like that you’ve lost your study groove. If you’re wondering how to…

  • Top 10 Fun Studying Tips for the Praxis Core

    Studying for the Praxis Core exams doesn’t have to be drudgery. In fact, it can be fun. Try these 10 fun studying tips to help you stay motivated. Purchase New Supplies Studying is just a little more fun when you have cool, new supplies to use. Purchase a new notebook and pens in lots of…

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    What Praxis Core study apps are available? Check out this list for apps that you can download to help you increase the effectiveness of your studies.

  • Pros and Cons of Hiring a Praxis Core Tutor

    Should you hire a Praxis Core tutor? Check out our list of pros and cons to help you determine if a tutor is right for you!

  • Tips You Can Use for Praxis Core Guessing

    It’s a good idea to guess on the Praxis Core exam when you don’t know the answer. Check out these Praxis Core guessing tips that you can use!

  • What to Look for in a Praxis Core Study Book

    What should you look for in a Praxis Core study book? Read the post to discover 5 things that you should look for in your study book!