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  • Praxis Test Overview: What is the Praxis?

    If you’re doing your teacher training, you’re probably starting to hear a lot about the Praxis test. But what is it? Find out in this post!

  • Praxis Test at a Glance: What You Need to Know

    Have you heard of the Praxis exam, but need to know more? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’ll show you the Praxis test at a glance.

  • The Difference Between Praxis Core and Praxis PLT

    There are many different kinds of Praxis exams. The exams you need to take can depend a lot on which state you’ll teach in and which subject you’re getting licensed for. However, there are two series of Praxis exams that anyone who has just started their teaching degree (or is just about to start) should…

  • The Different Kinds of Praxis Exams

    Since ETS first created the Praxis, school district licensing has evolved. The Praxis has evolved with it, discontinuing the original Praxis I/Praxis II series and creating additional types of Praxis exam. As my colleague Jessica mentions, the Praxis I has been replaced with something very similar: the Praxis Core. Praxis Core covers the same three…

  • What is the Praxis?

    What is the Praxis?

    If you want to teach in the U.S. public school system, you’ve probably heard of the Praxis. So, what is the Praxis? It’s a series of exams used for certifying and licensing teachers in the United States. Some graduate schools of education will also require the Praxis as part of admission to their program. Run…