David Recine

Resources for the Praxis Core Reading Exam

The Praxis Core Reading Test can be rather complex in structure, with all the different kinds of readings and question types. Fortunately, there are many resources that you can use to get prepared for the exam.


1) The current edition of the Praxis Official Guide – this book is a little bit dated, but still helpful. The OG’s covers some but not all of the common question types in the current version of the test, and lacks practice material for dual passages or graphics. However, it does have 80 nicely varied practice questions based on passages and short statements. And a pretty good set of explanations for the questions too!

2) The Praxis Study Companion for Core Reading – (to which I’ve already linked above!) – this resource is a shorter than the Official Guide, but still sizeable for a free resource. It’s a 64 page PDF that highlights every text type on the exam. It also features a good range of questions, with answer explanations. Best of all, it’s completely up to date, accurate to today’s Core exam format.

3) Magoosh – We recently released test prep for the Praxis Core! Sign up to watch our Math, Reading, and Writing lessons!

4) The new, updated, as-of-yet-unreleased 2016 official guide. ETS has announced plans to release this sometime in the next year.

Above all, read, read, READ. Reading a lot, especially reading educational articles and texts, is crucial to preparing for both Praxis Core Reading and Writing.



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