Pre Law Courses to take in College

Law schools don’t mandate that you choose any particular major. In fact, you’re free to choose whatever courses you want during your undergraduate career – there are no pre law courses that are required for law school admissions. That said, some exposure to the following topics would be helpful for any future law student. Check out our list and let us know in the comments if there are any other pre law courses that you’d recommend for undergrads!

Political science

All law students should know the basics of government. Try a variety of political science courses to get a sense for politics and international relations. Many political science departments also offer courses designed to give students some insight into law.


Students with a strong philosophy background often find the LSAT to be much easier, simply because they have prior knowledge of formal logic. A logic course will give you a strong foundation for the Logical Reasoning and Logic Games sections of the LSAT.

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Understanding the way society works is crucial for law students, particularly those interested in public interest work. Sociology courses in education, race, ethnicity, or gender can give you the tools you’ll need to impact change as a future lawyer.


No surprises here – law school is going to require mastery of the English language. English courses that are heavy in academic reading and writing will give you the skills you’ll need to get through law school assignments effectively and efficiently. If your school offers advanced critical reading and writing classes, even better.


Law and economics are often intertwined. While you don’t need to become an expert in economics, some background in this area will broaden your understanding of business and policy. You’ll be thankful you did this when you study the Learned Hand formula, and pretty much every day in Contracts!

Public Speaking

Public speaking might be an elective at your school, but don’t overlook it as a valuable addition to your schedule. Lawyers will need to make and present arguments as their profession – so it’s smart to get started on developing your speaking skills now.

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