What is the LSAC Law School Forum?

If you’re registered as a potential law school student with the Law School Admissions Council, then you might have received an email talking about a “law school forum.” So what is it?

The LSAC law school forum is an awesome chance for you to meet with law school representatives, attend informative workshops, and network with future law school students like you! Across the country, the LSAC hosts these forums across the country, giving thousands of potential students the opportunity to get an in-person experience with different law schools. These forums can help you choose your top law schools and prepare your applications in the best way possible.

LSAC Law School Forum

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Learn About Different Law Schools

At the LSAC law school forum, you’ll find a conference room full of law school representative tables and representatives from the LSAC. Not only will they provide literature about the schools, but you might meet current law school students who’ve come to educate you about their school. The schools can get their first impression of you, and you of them! Even if these representatives might not be an accurate representation of the entire school, you’ll have a taste of how students or staff members of the school are like. Are they helpful and courteous? Do they have a positive attitude about the law school? Did they paint a positive picture of your potential experience? You can make the most out of the LSAC law school forum by paying attention to details like these.

Come Prepared with Questions

There’s no better time than at an LSAC law school forum to ask questions directly to law school representatives. You can also ask LSAC officials about the LSAT or Credential Assembly Service.

Some of the workshops offered include “Ask an Expert: Advice from the Prelaw Advisors,” “Ask an Expert: Navigating the Law School Application Process,” and “Ask an Expert: Financing a Legal Education.” Potential students have asked questions ranging from appropriate diversity essay topics to how to successfully save money for law school. Some students have had questions related to their personal experiences and wanted the perspective of an insider at a law school. Finally, you can even ask an LSAT development staff member details about the LSAT itself! So, the LSAC law school forum is truly a great opportunity that you should definitely take advantage of.

Chicago State University compiled a very useful list of questions you might want to ask at a forum. You should also consider asking questions that are completely unique to you, or may not be obvious questions at all. Some of these questions include:

Practice with official LSAT questions. Start your online LSAT prep with Magoosh today. Start a free trial
  • What is the annual tuition? About how much do students usually spend on books? On living expenses?
  • What is the average GPA/LSAT of students you admit?
  • Does your school offer clubs or programs related to [an issue or group you are passionate about]?

Dress to Impress!

Don’t forget to dress up! The dress code at an LSAC law school forum is professional. Prospective students can be seen roaming the event space in suits, dress shoes, and ties. They might even carry a briefcase. You might wonder why students take the time to dress up so much if they might not have even applied yet. The answer is–it’s always best to make a great first impression. Admissions officers might be representing their law schools. And you might not believe it–but they do remember faces. And not only does it make a good first impression with the school, but dressing professionally can help prepare you for the rest of your career as an attorney.


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