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  • Pre Law Courses to Take in College

    Pre Law Courses to Take in College

    What are the best pre-law courses that undergraduates can take to prepare themselves for law school? Our experts break it down in this post.

  • Here’s Why Psychology Majors Have an Edge As Lawyers

    Philosophy, criminal justice, political science… Most of us are familiar with the standard pre-law majors students choose. But what about psychology? How valuable is it as preparation for law school and a law career? In short, the answer is very! If you have any doubt that psychology is a great pre-law major, then read ahead!…

  • Gap Year before Law School

    Considering taking a gap year before law school? Here are some tips to help you decide if a gap year after undergrad is right for you.

  • What is the LSAC Law School Forum?

    You might have heard of the LSAC law school forum and wondered what it is and whether you should attend. Find out more about it here!

  • How to Prepare for Law School Courses

    With all this talk about law school admissions, you might have overlooked the fact that you’ll soon be attending law school and taking actual law school courses. The journey to law school doesn’t end with admissions, after all – getting accepted marks just the beginning of your law school life!   Law school courses are…

  • Law School Application Timeline for Undergrads

    Law school admissions are a time-sensitive process. Rolling admissions is commonplace among law schools, so the earlier you can get your application materials prepared and submitted, the earlier admissions panels can review your materials and provide you with a response. Mapping out deadlines for yourself to meet along the way is crucial to staying on…