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    Magoosh presents our complete guide to LSAT Logic Games. Find everything you need to master Logic Games in this comprehensive study guide!

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    The LSAT analytical reasoning section, a.k.a. logic games, might be your favorite section. Or, if you’re just starting out, it’s your least favorite. Why? Well, it’s very different from most students are used to on standardized tests. Getting used to the rules of the games, the different types, and techniques to do well take time. […]

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    Studying for the LSAT? In this article, find out what conditional reasoning is and where you will find conditional reasoning on the LSAT.

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    Timing on the LSAT test is meant to be challenging, and nowhere is it more so than in the Logic Games (Analytical Reasoning) section. This is probably the single place where the most time is wasted on the LSAT. To help you get a handle on this section, we’ll show you how to identify the […]

  • 3 Helpful LSAT Logic Games Strategies

    Of all the sections on the LSAT, Analytical Reasoning, or “logic games,” tests a person’s ability to quickly move through problems. The better you are at mapping out the questions, the quicker you’ll be able to effectively answer the questions. Here are a few LSAT Logic Games strategies to help you cope with the tricky […]

  • 10 LSAT Logic Games Tips

    Logic games are often aspiring law applicants’ point of weakness. After all, logic games are probably unlike anything you’ve seen before (unless you majored in philosophy). While you’ve been reading and writing for your courses from a young age, you haven’t been seating party guests around a table in various combinations or rearranging red, green, […]

  • LSAT Logic Games Basics

    The Analytical Reasoning section, also known as Logic Games, is a unique section on the LSAT. Keep reading to get the Logic Games basics, including what to expect and strategies to approach this section. What is the LSAT Logic Games section? As far as LSAT Logic Games basics go, you should know this: This LSAT […]

  • “Unless” Statements on the LSAT: Part 2

    A couple weeks ago, we briefly explored “unless” statements when I provided the following example and asked you to translate it into a standard if/then statement. I refuse to keep writing formal logic blog posts unless some of you post comments telling me you’re finding these helpful. 🙂 Well, it’s time to check back in […]

  • If/Then Statements and Contrapositives on the LSAT

    Formal logic is one of the dreaded monsters of the LSAT, largely because it forces you to pay attention to all those tiny words you usually skim over. If is one such word, and it’s definitely one of the most important words to understand on the exam.   The Standard If/Then Statement Most people are […]