Loyola Law School LSAT Scores

Housed at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, Loyola Law School was established in 1920. The school prides itself for being the first ABA-approved law school in California with a pro bono requirement for graduation.
If you’re looking to gain more experience in pro bono law or surround yourself with faculty who believe pro bono law is an important part of a strong legal curriculum, Loyola might be a great choice for you!
You might also be interested in Loyola’s specialty areas and programs. U.S. News & World Report gives the school high marks for its tax law specialty (#10) and its trial advocacy program (#6).
In the last admissions cycle, Loyola received applications from 2,785 students for its day program and 842 students for its evening program.

Loyola’s LSAT Numbers

Loyola’s LSAT median is 159.
Its 75th percentile on the LSAT is 161, and its 25th percentile is 156.

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How does your LSAT score compare?

As with all of our provided comparison guidelines, use these only as a frame of reference. Since law schools do not view the LSAT as the absolute determinant of law school admissions, we can only estimate probabilities of acceptance, and can’t guarantee them.
162 and above: If your score is in this range and Loyola is your target school, you have a very strong chance of admission, as long as your GPA, resume, recommendations, and essays help to support your candidacy. Within this range, you should also be able to obtain large scholarships.
161-160: A score that falls in this range will be at or just below Loyola’s 75th percentile. Similar to students who scored in the category just above, you’ll have a great shot of admission (and scholarships) with either a 161 or a 160.
159: Since your LSAT score is now at Loyola’s median, it may be more difficult to make a case for scholarships, but you should still be able to make a case for them. Getting admitted, however, should not be much of a challenge if your other application components are solid.
158-156: This range still falls at or above Loyola’s 25th percentile, so your score is not cause for too much concern. Try to apply to law schools early in the admissions cycle to help put off any flags from admissions officers.
155-152: With a score that’s underneath Loyola’s 25th percentile mark, you’re going to be facing an uphill battle for admission. Know that Loyola will definitely be a “reach” school for you, and make sure your other application materials are exceptional.
151 and below: We’re almost always going to recommend retaking the LSAT if you’re set on a school and your score is very much below that school’s 25th percentile. Since your chances of admission at Loyola will go up drastically with some improvement on the LSAT, you may be better off studying for round 2 if your score is currently at a 151 or below.
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