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    Catherine supports Magoosh’s future grad school students by unlocking tricks of the test prep and application trade. She specializes in the LSAT, but also brings her experience in test prep and higher ed admissions to Magoosh students. Catherine spends her free time checking out local farmer’s markets, reading food and lifestyle blogs, and watching Bravo. She is forever in search of the best Mexican and Italian food in any given city.

Top 5 Law Schools in California

Who doesn’t dream of spending time on a beach in California? While you’ll spend a lot of time in the library as a law student, preparing for classes and exams, you’ll still have time to explore and have fun. So, why not study somewhere beautiful—at one of the top law schools in California! Check out […]

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Law School Admissions “Soft Factors”

In law school admissions, your LSAT score and GPA are viewed as “hard factors” because of how important these numbers are in the admissions process and how objectively quantifiable they are. However, that’s not to say that admissions officers don’t consider anything else when deciding whose application file to move to the “yes” pile. To […]

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How Many Law Schools Should You Apply to?

Applying to law school can be both an expensive and time-consuming process – each application comes with its own fee, and individual schools might have custom requirements (like tailored personal statements or mandatory essay supplements). Putting too many schools down on your list could cause a lot of unnecessary stress. On the other hand, you […]

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Conditional Law School Admission: Right for You?

In a recent post, we discussed conditional law school admission – what it is, and which schools offer it. To recap, some schools offer conditional admission programs to students who demonstrate potential, but whose applications aren’t strong enough to earn full acceptance in the incoming class.   There are some good things about conditional law […]

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Law School Waitlists: The Basics

Have you been put on one or more law school waitlists? Check out some of the most common questions we get about what waitlists are and how they work.   1. What is the purpose of a waitlist? Schools often have more qualified candidates in their applicant pool than they have spots in the incoming […]

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