IELTS Pitfalls

Before using any study material or answering any questions, you should know the common IELTS pitfalls that may lower your band score. Most of them can be avoided if you read this blog and keep them in mind when you are practicing or taking the test. Let’s take a look at the frequent mistakes to get higher scores!

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Lack of preparation

Some candidates have good English communicating skill in social situations, so they believe that they can get high scores on the IELTS even if they don’t prepare a lot. However, taking a test is different from using the language in your daily life because the IELTS tests your overall English ability in social and academic settings. You should do adequate preparation to get familiar with the test format and content.

Memorizing answers

It is a bad idea to memorize answers for the speaking and writing test. There is only a little possibility to meet questions which you have prepared. Even if you are lucky enough to receive a similar question to what you have memorized, the examiners can easily spot it by asking you more questions.

Not following instructions

If you don’t follow instructions, you will definitely lose important marks. Though it seems easy to follow instructions, some candidates are likely to ignore them. Read instructions carefully before answering questions and keep them in mind. Pay attention to word limits for form/table/sentence completion questions.

Running out of time

You need to allocate your time wisely during the test. You will run out of time if you don’t pay attention to the timing. Some questions take more time to answer, so you have to leave more time for them. In reading test, questions on the last passage usually take more time to think than the others. Therefore, if you don’t know the answer to a question, just move on to the next and come back to it later. In writing test, you should finish the first task in 20 minutes. Otherwise, there won’t be enough time for you to complete the second task.

Saying/writing too much or too little

I suppose that you know you will receive lower scores if you say/write too little. You should also know that longer answers don’t mean higher scores. Instead of making answers longer, you should improve your answers on the content, structure, vocabulary and grammar. Also, you should always stick to the topic. Never go off-topic.

Grammar and spelling mistakes

Many candidates lose valuable marks on simple grammar and spelling mistakes. You can avoid these mistakes by checking answers. Check your spelling carefully. Check singular, plural and past forms before the test ends.

Check out out posts on common IELTS writing mistakes, IELT speaking mistakes and IELTS listening mistakes to learn detailed IELTS pitfalls in these sections. You can get higher scores once you know these pitfalls and keep them in mind!


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2 Responses to IELTS Pitfalls

  1. Mahad Baig Mirza February 15, 2018 at 9:40 am #

    Hi respected academicians and respected KUANGYAN ! i hope you all are doing good 🙂
    thankyou very very much for these golden and valuable tips , as i am trying to 8 bands in each module and i have just taken the Ielts general training modle exam 2nd time , previously my scores were 7.5 in reading, 7.5 speaking,7 writing and 6.5 in listening.I am not sure about what will happen this time but i am hoping for the best and preparing for any emergency .You beautiful tips are very efficient and one can even get 9 with these tips if they really put in a sincere effort.They are precise , to the point and have great results in them if followed in the true essence. Thankyou to you all for such kindness and blessing us with support and help , nothing is free in this world so i respect and pray for you all may u live long and blessed and vvv happy .Its not just tips , it has much more in it , i see kindness and blessings in it , i feel we all should contribute towards your good goals and contribute in our capacity.I am a true english lover since my childhood and i have great depth into it in terms of creativity and intelligence , if i can do anything for you respect academicians in any capacity i will be very happy and it will be a great blessing for me ,GOD BLESS YOU ALL

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert February 16, 2018 at 5:59 am #

      Hi Mahad,

      I’m so happy that our blogs have been useful for you as you prepared for the IELTS! I know it’s stressful to study for these tests, and we are glad to make the process a little better (and maybe even a bit more fun) 😀 I have my fingers crossed for your most recent test results and I hope that you hit your target score! Best of luck 🙂

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