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Pacing on GRE Reading Comprehension (RC)

“I could get them all right, if I had unlimited time…” is a common refrain I hear from those struggling with pacing on the RC. While such reasoning may not be entirely valid, as the questions themselves can be quite devious, and the passages…well dry, dense, and esoteric are just the beginning of it…having 45 […]

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Practice Test Results

So… I am back from taking the practice GRE. What a complicated test experience! I arrived pretty early to the testing site but was unprepared to what they had in store. Not all practice tests will be computer-based. I guess the first lesson in this is to always bring a pencil. I didn’t have any […]

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Words that always elude me…

Sometimes the definitions of words just seem to elude me. I learn and re-learn them, but sometimes I need to get a few questions wrong in order for the words to stick. I took this sample question test from ETS on antonyms and got a modest score, merely because the words (all of which seem […]

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Cool Vocab Sites to Study for the GRE

Today’s study session was replaced with an hour of mildly-pleasing computer games! It’s funny whenever people ask me how I spend my entertainment time–I don’t really like to go to the movies or watch tv, or play WoW like some people I know. In fact in terms of games I have a specific memory of […]

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The Little Things

This blog post was originally going to be about my terrible morning: about waking up at 6 o’clock with an aching tummy, unsettling nausea, and that sinking feeling… you know, that feeling that something (somebody, some part of you) is amiss. And all you can do is groan. I had to skip out on interning […]

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Workin’ It

In order to get my handle on the word list back, I’ve been diligently reviewing those words that I got wrong on practice exercises. Occlude: (v) to stop, close up. So, after a pretty relaxing day yesterday, I’ve decided to get down to business and do what I promised in the plan. (What plan? you […]

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Antonyms, Not So Fast

So a few days ago I finished the analogies section in Barron’s. All’s well that ends well–I want to check out my Princeton Review book for more exercises because, frankly, it’s really nice to take practice portions of the GRE and do well. Antonyms, however, are quite different. Scores from Barron’s (out of 4 exercises, […]

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Analogies: Visible Improvement is to Accomplishment…

I spent the morning doing a couple of analogies exercises from Barron’s. After having read the strategies from Barron’s and Princeton Review, I figured it was time for me to do some practice. However I found it weird how PR doesn’t have as many practice sections as Barron’s… Today’s practice was relaxing. And surprisingly enough, […]

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Flashcards, Wherever You Go

On Friday I spent the morning making flashcards from the Barron’s word list. I’ll say this time and again: if you really want to sound smart, memorizing the Barron’s word list wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Sometimes in my studying phase the words just slip out, like whenever I comment on someone’s effrontery* […]

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